< Embodiment 8QA > I (St. Germain) did many of my teachings, many of my studies in the area of Transylvania. I still keep my main energetic residence in that area. I love that area truly. And, it is one of the most difficult and oppressed areas in some respects, but it has the most potential for going off into the multi-dimensional realms. You could say that there is a type of incredible portal there that has been distorted, that has been abused. But, it is ready to open back up. I spent time there helping to teach Cauldre these things about channelings, these things about multi-dimensional realities. I am going to invite some of you to join me there in the not-so-distant future. Yes, we will go back to Transylvania. And, what a journey it will be!

< e2012 2 > I am Dracula. In my last days in the Mystery Schools, end of the 1700s, mostly in Romania, Transylvania, we, all of us, we were doing some amazing, amazing things there. We knew it was time to close down the Mystery Schools, for you to go back out into the world. We knew that a new era was coming. And when we did, you - all the students - went back out into the world. Some of you went back to Europe. Some of you went into Russia, here to this newly emerging Atlantis, now called the United States. You took this wisdom. You took the understandings with you.

< e2012 2 > Commissioned him, paid him healthy to write a book - Dracula - and to demonize, because they figured if they did, if they created this cult figure, this Dracula, and they based it on a variety of things that were kind of true and a lot of things that weren't. And, of course, they pulled in - because we were so strong in the Romania, Transylvania area - they pulled in the stories of Vlad the Impaler and kind of tied it all together. Published the booked in the late 1800s - 1897 - to try to stop this whole intrigue about the Mystery Schools, about me - although I was never named - and about you.