< NewEnergy 1 > We will let you observe to see what happens. And, as you watch the events in this wonderful land, the land that birthed the energies for so many of you, that birthed the energies for the continent of Europe, that provided the gateways for those who came to the Americas, to found the free land… oh, this is all woven together. And, at the core of all this is the Arthurian energies. They are here. They are such an integral part of who you are, or who you have been. Dear friends, from this came the Crusades. From this came the search for the Holy Grail… all metaphors, but all taken place in reality.

< (Next) 12 > Europe was in turmoil back in, well, for as long as I can remember. But Europe was in particularly turmoil in and around the 1600 and 1700s. A lot of battles and wars, small, very powerful families controlling a lot of people and their lives, and it couldn't endure anymore. Something had to change. But the system didn't want to change. The system was rather happy with itself, but the consciousness of the land - the physical land and the consciousness of the people on those lands - was tired and done, for a variety of reasons which I'll get into in this dissertation. But primarily it was at a point in the change of an era, a change of an era that you're experiencing now in its cumulative changes.

< (Next) 12 > There had to be a change ultimately in the balance of the masculine/feminine, which was not very present in Europe at the time. Very male dominated, very masculine energies, even with some of the queens that I knew and worked with. They still were very, very controlled by the council of men around them.

< (Next) 12 > Europe at the time, although we put a lot of effort into trying to bring some balance, Europe at the time was not going to be accepting of the new understanding of Spirit, of God. The church, which I loved dearly in its early days, please don't mistake that, I loved it dearly, as did you. I was part of the group, a large group, that helped to create it, that helped to bring in the energy of Yeshua onto this planet. And then, oh, five, six hundred years after the founding of the church, it started getting the corruption of humanity, of the sexual energy virus, and particularly of the masculine imbalance.

< (Next) 12 > The church took a stronghold all across Europe in politics, finances, absolutely in art - which was a shame, because as I've said before, art will save the world. It truly will. The church had a stronghold in government and all the dealings. Of anything that happened, you could be sure the church had a hand in it, good or bad. Oh, they had a hand in some of the corruption and some of the criminal groups at the time. They had a hand in any dealing, any distribution of product, which is really distribution of energy. So it wasn't just the preaching of the sacred texts, which absolutely are sacred, if you go back to pre-translations, beautiful things that are said in there.

< (Next) 12 > So there was this great imbalance that we were having difficulty resolving. Always a fight against these other forces; one of the reasons why some of the groups, like what's called the White Brotherhood - it was actually never called that, it was The Brotherhood - the Freemasons and the others were started. Started (a) so people really could study the mystics and (b) so that they could actually get a job outside the church. Kind of like a free union at the time.

< (Next) 12 > I dealt extensively with the likes of Madam Pompadour, Maria Josepha in Germany, Margot of the French regions, and many, many other of the feminine or the female royalty. Many of them had actually attended - secretly attended - the Mystery Schools. Most of them, incarnate in Europe at the time - the late 1600s and throughout the 1700s - had incarnated into the royal families, the positions of power, specifically to try to help change the balance of all that was taking place in Europe.

< (Next) 12 > When they, when you, when I and the others working on it realized that it probably wasn't going to happen, that it was more difficult to clear out the old house and to rebuild it - the House of Europe - we realized that there was a new land, a free land that had been actually set up, preserved for a long, long, long time, called America.

< freedom 3 > First Europe. More southern Europe than anything. Why? Most of the structural systems that are in place on this planet right now were developed in Europe about 500 years ago. Even the beginnings of the technological age, the industrial age, banking indeed, a lot of the growth of the Christian religion was based there. A lot of the framework of what is keeping this planet loosely held into place right now originated in Europe and is still being practiced there. It was given birth there and still very much in effect. Because a change in consciousness, followed by a change in energy, will generally affect the place where it was birthed, where it originated – most likely somewhere in Europe.

< freedom 3 > It could be very severe weather. Pretty good chance of that. Why? Because consciousness affects – or actually creates – the weather patterns. They say it's global warming. Well, what causes global warming? Consciousness! And consciousness, whether it is about taking care of the planet or future generations or how energy is used, that consciousness causes a degree of global warming, which causes the weather changes in themselves. So it is probably Europe where you're going to see some of these bringing up of energy in the changes that are taking place right now.