lunar eclipse


< NewEnergy 4 > One week from today an interesting alignment takes place… also at a time of a lunar eclipse… a hiding and then a revealing, a light and then a dark. The Harmonic Concordance is the alignment of the planets into the Star of David. And, particularly in this area that we are sitting in right now - this area of the mountains in Colorado - it will be almost a perfect alignment. It will be experienced all over the Earth. It is the alignment of the planets to create a perfect Star of David. A Star of David… it is created by two equilateral triangles overlapped onto each other.

(Note: The November 8th Star of David will be created by the following six planets, astrologically speaking: Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Chiron. The Sun, Mars, and Saturn will form a grand trine in the element of water. The Moon, Jupiter, and Chiron will form a grand trine in the element of earth. These two trines overlap in the heavens in the shape of the Star of David. "Coincidental" with this formation will be a full lunar eclipse with the Moon in the sign of Taurus. For more information there is a one-page description of this eclipse and Star of David in the current issue of the magazine, the Mountain Astrologer. The description here is very similar to Tobias' discussion. There are also many other sources on the Internet regarding this event.)

< NewEnergy 4 > The wound is deep. That is part of the reason for the anger also that you have been experiencing. Why… why the wound? Will the wound ever heal? Or must we continue on this cycle again, a cycle that could span tens of thousands of years? The alignment that is coming about (Harmonic Concordance) - that was going to be there anyway - the alignment is very rare, very rare. There is the eclipse that happens with it, the hiding of the moon energy, the hiding, the - how to say - something that comes between the male and the female. But, it is also a time of clearing.