it is going to happen anyway


< NewEnergy 5 > We want to share with you a very simple thought, a very simple concept. You are wondering how all of this New Energy stuff works. You are wondering when, and why, and how. You're going through all these questions in your mind. You are wondering when I, Tobias, will set down a specific structure and a path, specific things you have to do each day to bring this about in your life.

< NewEnergy 5 > We have a bit of a secret here between you, and God, and me. It's going to happen anyway. This whole transition into New Energy and releasing of duality is going to happen anyway. You have given permission. You have allowed it. You have opened yourself to it. The wheels turn. The motion begins. The energy builds. It's going to happen anyway. So, you can either struggle with it… and work against it… and wonder… and try to figure it out… and try to develop some specific techniques and ways to actually make it a drudgery. Or, you can simply know it's happening. It is happening with or without you. It is happening. It will happen in your life.

< NewEnergy 5 > You don't need to wonder if you took the wrong turn or did the wrong thing. None of that matters. As we said before, it doesn't matter which direction you step in right now - forward, to either side, backwards, up or down. You've already started the motion. Spirit within, God of all things, brings the momentum into the right place and to the right direction. It's going to happen anyway, this thing you call moving into the New Energy. It already is. Yes, you are going through some of the difficulties and the tribulations - all related to holding onto aspects of the past, all related to not being sure what's going to happen in the future. But, it will.

< NewEnergy 5 > We are talking specifically here to Shaumbra. We are not talking about the rest of the world. Most of the other humans on Earth right now have not given permission for this process. So, they continue to walk in duality and to play in duality. They continue on their soul journey. Shaumbra is a bit different. You have given permission. You have allowed us to come in and work with you. You have allowed at the core of your own being to become a Divine Human angel.

< NewEnergy 5 > Something as simple as finding the right job, dear friends… it will come to you. You are the Creators. You are the ones. So, it will indeed come to you. It will indeed happen. This whole process has so much momentum going to it. This quantum leap that we have spoken about in 2007… dear friends, there is really not much you have to do to facilitate that. It is happening. It will come.