making love to yourself;

< (Next) 8 > Humans don't even know what to think about sex anymore. They just know they're driven to it, but is that really, for the most part, fulfilling? Is that really what you, the angels, intended it to be? And this whole idea of masturbation! What's wrong with loving yourself in every way? Is there something wrong with loving yourself physically? In Atlantis, in some of the earlier better days, the young ones were taught to honor their bodies in every way, if you know what I mean, long before they could ever have a partner. How can you be intimate with somebody if you're not comfortable with being intimate with yourself?

< e2012 6 > Tobias did this great amazing class – Sexual Energy School – talking about loving yourself. To love yourself, can you touch yourself? Can you pleasure yourself? Some call it masturbation – hm, weird word – but loving yourself, bringing yourself to the ultimate orgasm that includes your physical body, your mind and your spirit. That's really kind of secret for getting your spirit in here. Not having sex with somebody else, but with yourself.

Making love to yourself, enjoying touching your body, enjoying even your mind, your thoughts, immersing yourself in your thoughts – ah, that's what will get your divine here – that, a good meal, a good glass of wine, and gatherings like this. That's what's going to invite your divine in here.

< Discovery 4 > Did Yeshua have sex with others after he left his community, after he left the Yahad? Yes, absolutely he did. He had sex, he masturbated. And he felt guilty about it until he realized the love of Self, the acceptance of Self. Until he realized somebody else placed this crap on him that sex and playing with yourself under the table are bad. It took him a long time to get over it and realize that he could love himself. He could touch himself. He could feel himself. He could pleasure himself, and he could really love himself. Absolutely. And he would go on, my dear, to teach this to many, many others. And when he sat in front of some of the groups, the reaction very similar – gasp! – “Ohhh! You can't talk about this.” But he did, because he said, “Dear brother, dear sister, it's about loving thyself. Then you will come to understand the love that your soul has for you.”