John Belushi


< Teacher 11 > Not what you would consider a highly spiritual being by modern terms, but indeed he was. He explored energy. He explored going out beyond the barriers. He explored what it was like to work with the energy of humor. He was a comedian; he was musician; he was an artist in every way. Now because he went into such depth with his artwork, exploring the edges of energy and consciousness, and because he didn't have this incredible support family that you now have called Shaumbra, he took it a bit far. But he had a wonderful trip coming back over to our side.

< Teacher 11 > He was from a generation of New Energy Artists, the first true generation that stepped beyond the old structure and the limitations so that they could help to begin opening up consciousness in anticipation of this thing that we call the Quantum Leap. He was part of a generation of incredible artists - Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney - oh he's not dead, just his music is dead! (much laughter, Kuthumi chuckling) That was Belushi, not I! (more laughter)

< Teacher 11 > An incredible generation of New Energy Artists, amongst the first. Yes indeed, some of you are considering the energy element around. Indeed, most of them partook in drugs because in a sense the drugs helped them to expand, helped them to go through some of those very difficult barriers, barriers that you have encountered also. But you are finding that you don't need the drugs to expand - well, not anymore. (Kuthumi chuckling to himself). We see a few personal stories here! (much laughter) Hmm! They were an incredible generation of New Energy Artists. They used the tools of music and they used the tools of actual artwork or comedy to evolve consciousness. Look at the impact that they had on the world and still have on the world today. They were phenomenal.