lucid dream

consciousness expansion;

< Ascension 10QA > Lucid dreaming is an interesting state. We could talk at great length about this, but we will give the short version today. There are so many of you who have lucid dreams, even if you do not know what these are or what they are called. But, this is when you truly allow yourself to soar. We connect with you so often when you do this. This is an excellent way of expanding your consciousness.

There are several factors to take in account here. The first is to understand that all of the things and experiences that you have in these lucid dreams… do not take them literally. These are a series of symbols. You are entering into a different type of consciousness where the thought and interpretation process is not the same as you would find in your human reality. In lucid dreaming when you come across a symbol, when you come across an energy, do not take it for its face value. Pause… address the energy… and ask the energy what wisdom or insights it contains for you, practical to your human level.

There are so many of you who soar off in the lucid dreams and come back with somewhat of a distorted understanding of what took place. Perhaps, energetically you got it, but it is distorted on the human intellectual level.

When you dream of the waters, you are, in a sense, journeying back to a place where you came from. But, again, we ask you not to think of it literally as water, or the surface of water, or images upon the water. This is somewhat of a distorted human interpretation. This water represents energies from where you came before you were ever on Earth, but not to be taken literally like your lakes and your seas and your oceans.

There is one more element to lucid dreaming. Consciously allow yourself to bring these energies back with you, back to the human plane in the human dimension. For, so often as you are traveling back, as you are - how to say - you are landing back in human consciousness, you lose many of the parts and the pieces. But, if you consciously remind yourself during these journeys that you will bring the energies, and the wisdoms, and the insights back with you, they have a much better chance of coming back. Then, you will know how to apply them on this level, on your human level.

So often what you gather during these journeys is not practical or applicable to your human experience. It is time to meld these together again. Many of you will find that you can take these lucid dreams, these consciousness expansions… you do not need to go off on your own into a quiet space. You can do it sitting by yourself for a moment. You can do it while you are dining, for instance. You can have these mini-lucid dreams. You will find this to be more and more frequent. We thank you for this question.