Master Sense / I Am Senses

fantasy;  imagination
divine senses

< WalkOn 5 > There is one very important point we're going to go into right now, one very important point, because we are now Masters, you are here; one very important point. It's called the Master Sense. The Master Sense. You are going to be allowing that in. You're going to then get very confused by it, and then you're going to finally understand it. A few of you already have had it occurring in your life, but you're not sure what it is. In order for anything to be sensed – we're going to go back to some basics here – in order for anything to be sensed, you have to have certain qualities.  – number one, awareness. You have to have awareness. Now, most people are not aware that you have to have awareness. No, truly. Some of you were talking before about people becoming even less conscious, closing in, hiding their head in the sand, and they have no sense of awareness. They're not aware at all.

< WalkOn 5 > Number two, in order to be able to sense anything, the second thing that occurs, that you have to have is light. Light. You have to have light. Light occurs naturally. When there is consciousness, the I Am awareness – not mental, but an I Am awareness, I Exist kind of awareness – that basically emits, radiates light. Not that kind of light (from the light bulbs), but it's been called the light of passion, the illumination. So you have light. Light comes from what you would call the soul, from awareness. Light emanates out when there is awareness. A person who is aware at even the most basic level – here, the I Am level – emits, radiates a light to everyone else. That's why people feel, sense something different with all of you. They don't know what it is; that confounds them. That actually aggravates them. They struggle with it and they find a way to push it out, because it doesn't fit into their nice hypnotic box. So they push it out. But you have light.

< WalkOn 5 > From here, from light comes energy. Energy is basically the compassion of the soul that's been so condensed, so brought into itself that it actually goes through a crystalizing process that turns it into energy. The consciousness was aware enough to give itself a means to experience itself, and that is energy. Energy is, as you know from our talks, is neutral, absolutely neutral until it is activated by passion and desire, not by thought; until it is activated. So the energy then comes to serve the Master. Energy is there to serve you. Never to work against you, never to be accumulated by you or anyone else.

< WalkOn 5 > And in here, in this scenario right here, – this is where the power dynamic comes in. This has been a problem in creation for a long time, because there are many, many beings on this planet and everywhere else that mistake power for true energy. Power is a saccharin. It's artificial. It does not exist, but there are enough who will not, do not love themselves or honor themselves enough to be in their own energy. They do not consider themselves worthy enough to have their own energy for their own creations that they take it from someone else. They are unconscious or blind to the fact that there is no power. You don't need energy from anyone else. It's all there for you in, you could say, unlimited quantities. There's plenty.

< WalkOn 5 > Next thing you have is, I'm going to call it motion in here. Motion. I use that word and it represents time and space and activity and past and future and everything else, because you're actually not moving. Everything else is moving through you. But up here (mind) and in every one of your human senses you've been trained, programmed, hypnotized, whatever, to think that you're moving. It makes you very small when you think that; “I have to move against the whole big universe.” But you change the perspective and suddenly you realize everything is moving for you. Everything. It comes to you. If you're not conscious, if you're not aware or you're not, what you'd say, ready, it's still going to move right through you, but you won't be at that point of connection to utilize it. It'll go right past, but it will come back later. You can't do it wrong.

< WalkOn 5 > The Master Sense is not dependent on and barely connected to these other senses. The Master Sense opens up new worlds, but you're never going to be able to taste that world or even think into that world or hear that world, because you need a Master Sense outside of this little reality. Not your human senses. They don't work out there, nor really should they work. Your human senses will continue to work in this reality, this environment, but you get into the other – what you would call – dimensions, realities, possibilities and potentials, and they don't work anymore, and that's the tough part. This is the hardest, the most challenging of any information I've ever tried to teach soon-to-be or now Masters, because you're going to desperately try to use your five human senses and your mind to interpret something that's already there, but cannot be sensed.

< WalkOn 6 > The first thing you're going to notice in the Master Sense, and some of you already have been, the very first thing is the disorientation in time. It could make you nauseous. It could make you absolutely feel like you're falling apart, that you have no reference points anymore, and it could absolutely make you feel like you're going crazy. You take away certain basic things that you've held yourself in with – time and space, being one of the most basic – you start to shift that and you could think you're going crazy. What I'm telling you now, dear Masters in being, what I'm telling you is let that be okay.

< WalkOn 6 > When you start feeling absolute disorientation, vertigo, no spatial relationship, I mean, like you've never had before, be okay with that, because if you resist it, if you try to get back into what you call your reference point, your cage; if you try to get back into that, you're going to negate the effects of being a timed being and a timeless being. In the Master Sense we go beyond time. Here's kind of the difference, and, by the way, you're going to be able to be in both at the same time, and that's really going to be confusing to the mind. It's the rollercoaster going both ways at one time. It's really disorienting to the mind, and that's okay. You're losing your reference points.

< WalkOn 6 > Time and space are like the river. It was a big kind of a leap coming to the understanding that you're not going through time and space; that it's flowing through and around you. And now in this example, in the river, feeling it against you, it kind of makes sense – “Ah, yeah, time and space are the things that are flowing.” And if you move your hand in the water or your leg, time and space – or in this case the water – responds. You're not running through the river. You're not pushing the river as you go. It's flowing around you. That's really the way the whole principle of TimeSpace works.

< WalkOn 6 > But what happens is now there is a constant – the flow of the river. It's constant, always there, to the point you forget that you're even in the river. You actually start forgetting that there's a flow. You forget that there is kind of a force. You can feel the current. You forget that there is a resistance or a friction. It's a constant. It anchors you, and actually the flow of the river really never changes, nor the temperature, nor much of anything. It's always there. So pretty soon you just come to accept it. Never to question it, never to wonder what it's like not to have this. It's always there. It's a connection. This is what it's like, it's what it's been like for you – the flow of time and space. Move a leg, move a hand in the river. Dip yourself down. Put your head under the water. It responds to you. It flows around you. This is time and space. And this is what humans do.

< WalkOn 6 > That's what you've been used to. But, as you already have started to notice, it's starting to change. It's starting to change, and here's an example of the difference. For the typical human, the river flows to them, through them and away. They won't even recognize that. They think they're going through time and space, but they're in the river. What happens as you come into your Master Sense, suddenly you have a different situation and it goes like this. Now, you're in a big, warm, beautiful swimming pool. Just you. Nobody else. Nice clean warm water, and you let yourself go underwater, submerge, just kind of float. This great big pool, beautiful warm water, it's right at about body temperature, so you don't really notice the water.

< WalkOn 6 > And it's not moving; it's just there. There's no pressure. There's no force. You're just kind of floating. Let yourself feel that for a moment. This is kind of like timeless. That water is in the Now moment. It's not pushing against you. It's not going anywhere. You are in a pool of potentials, timeless potentials. It's just there. You're just there. This is timelessness and the first thing that you're going to realize as a Master, “This is nice, but what am I supposed to do with it? Sooo … I'm just floating in a pool of warm water. What am I supposed to do?” First, allow yourself to be aware of the difference between the moving river and now submerged in this pool of warm water. There are some similarities. They're both water. But everything else is kind of different.

< WalkOn 6 > This is timeless, what I call the Ineffable Moment, the Ineffable Presence. Ineffable means without description. No trying to quantify it. No trying to define it. Just floating. Not being pushed here or there. Just floating. The Ineffable Presence, the I Am, surrounded by this ocean of potentials that exist beyond time and space. That's what that water is – all potentials. It's also time and space, but it's very different than the river, because the moment you choose now to experience something, the moment you choose to be creative, the moment you choose to express yourself, suddenly that nonmoving water, that time and space, which is not moving, suddenly gets activated. Suddenly. Then it moves in absolute perfect response to your desire. But unlike the river, it doesn't just flow for an eternity. You can change it. You can move it. You can adapt it or it rather adapts to you the moment you choose something. And it's out of time and space.

< WalkOn 6 > It doesn't matter if you're here in this pool of water, this nonmoving time and space. It doesn't matter if right now you're choosing something that the human in the river would have thought was in their childhood, because there is no time and space, Master. There is no past. There is only the Ineffable Presence. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter here in this pool of time and space potential if you are choosing to experience something that the human back in the river thinks is in the future – thinks is upstream somewhere, not here in this pool – because it's timeless. To the human that's mindboggling. “How can that be?” The human's been in the river for lifetimes and lifetimes and lifetimes and it doesn't know anything other than the river. It relies on the river. It depends on the river. It uses the river to justify its existence. But here in the Master Sense, it's just you in this warm pool of TimeSpace potential.

< WalkOn 6 > That child that you were, that child that was unsafe at some point is here right now, along with the Master. The Master that some of you would call from the future. But it's not. They're here in this pool with you right now. Those aspects of you that you've struggled with, they're in this pool right now, along with the fully integrated Self that you are. All right here, fully integrated. You know, there doesn't have to be linear time and space. You don't have to stand in the river anymore. You can be in this pool. That child that you were that felt so unsafe can be here right now in the absolute safety of this pool, right with that Master. That Master that you're trying to become is right here. There's no separation. There's no distance. They're all here.

< WalkOn 6 > And suddenly, a very funny thing starts happening, a very profound thing starts happening. You see, they've always been here. Always, always. They've always been together, and suddenly, that child, that wounded unsafe child realizes it is also the integrated Master. Also. And. The human that you think you are right now, trying to make its way through the river, trying to become the Master, suddenly realizes in this timelessness that the Master is already here. There is no separation anymore, and they all can be here. They all can share this Ineffable Presence.

< WalkOn 6 > And suddenly everything changes. Suddenly, that unsafe child is no longer unsafe. That adult that failed in some things is no longer a failure. That person that's trying to become a Master is no longer trying, because suddenly all the potentials are illuminated in this place without time or space. You're already there. You don't have to heal the child. You don't have to justify the mistakes. You don't have to try to be the Master. They're all here.