darkness is your divinity

OH energy
that has been taking on all of your darkness is your divinity;
darkness/divinity is aspects of yourself other than present 3-D human self;

< NewEnergy 12 > The OH energy has taken on all of the attributes of "dark," all of the attributes of "negative," all of the attributes of the pain in honor and compassion for the AH energy. The OH energy has allowed itself to be separated in consciousness from the AH energy because the AH energy couldn't bear to look at it any longer. Because the darkness was being absorbed within the OH energy, it became burdened. It became crippled. It became ugly. It became vile in the eyes of the AH. Dear friends, what we are talking about here is the separation of light and dark, the reality of what light and dark energies are. They are nothing like humanity understands them to be right now.

< NewEnergy 12 > Humanity continues to battle light and dark. Humanity continues to try to annihilate the dark. Humanity continues to try to dump all of what it doesn't love about itself in the darkness, in the OH energy. Humans, individual humans, do this to themselves. Everything they fear… everything they reject… everything they deny about themselves is dumped into the OH energy. And, the OH has taken on this role, taken on this whole role of the darkness. And, as you know, then the human thinks that they have to battle the dark. They have to annihilate the dark. They have to get rid of the dark. But, Shaumbra, as you already know, it cannot be done. It is all part of the same (the mirror for each other).

< NewEnergy 12 > Take a moment to look at the OH energy, the dark energy. It isn't what it appears to be at all. Humanity, individual humans continue to fight the light and dark within themselves. This provides a barrier, a wall, which prevents them from integrating everything of who they truly are. It prevents them from truly living in the New Energy. By separating the light and the dark within themselves, it prevents them from experiencing the joys and the miracles that life offers. Dear friends, we ask you to take a moment with us. Look beyond the obvious of the darkness, of the OH energy. Let us feel the compassion that this energy has had, the lover who would do anything for you.

< NewEnergy 12 > All energy seeks resolution. And, in this moment the darkness seeks to be released from the role that it has played within you. It seeks to be released as the dumping grounds… the demon… the bad and the evil… the unacknowledged… and the hated. It has carried this burden for so very long now. It wants to come back to you. It wants to love you in a whole new way. It wants to be in love with you in a whole new way. It is not at all what you have thought it was. All energy seeks resolution. And, what you have called the "dark"… the "negative"… the "bad"… is simply part of you.

< NewEnergy 12 > Dear friends, THE DARKNESS IS YOUR DIVINITY. It has been hidden away. It has been hidden away for so very long. Oh, yes, indeed, the divine IS the darkness. That will give you all something to ponder for a long, long time.

< NewEnergy 12 > But, in this safe energy that we are all sharing together, I want you to take a whole new look at what AH and OH truly are. OH - the divinity that loved you so very much that it took on all of your burdens and pains, all of your darkness - it seeks resolution. It wants to come back right now. It wants to stop playing the game of AH and OH, and simply be the unified tone within you. OH seeks to come back.

< NewEnergy 12 > OH… and you have been calling out for it for so very long. But, you were denying what was there, weren't you. Calling out to your divinity, "Where, oh, where is it? Where is the golden angel? Where is the God within? Why has my divinity… why has my God forsaken me? Why am I alone here on Earth? Why don't I hear the voice of Spirit?" Dear friends, it has been there all the time. It is the OH. It is what you have labeled the darkness, the negative. It has been your spiritual landfill for everything you didn't like about yourself. It is time to let that go now.

< NewEnergy 12 > It is the Shadow that has always been there, dear friends, always closer to you than anything else… the Shadow that you have been afraid of for so many times… the Shadow that you didn't want to look at because there were parts of yourself you wanted to deny, that you wanted to reject, that you didn't love. Oh, the OH loved you so much that it took all of this on with the greatest compassion, the greatest compassion ever, ever imagined. OH took on every imbalance, every bit of suffering, every bit of self-loathing, and self-doubt. You've dumped it there, and the love of OH, hidden by the veil of darkness, has held it so that you could continue experiencing.

< NewEnergy 12 > The Shadow has always been there. As we told a group some six months ago, think about it in these terms. A shadow can only exist when light shines upon a unique spiritual identity - you. When the light of Home and the source of God shine upon your soul, your individual being, it casts a shadow. Those beings who have no soul have no shadow. It is only you who were given the gift of true spiritual identity and creatorship. It is only you that has a shadow.

< NewEnergy 12 > Let us embody the OH and the AH. Let us release old mental thinking and images of what darkness was and what divinity was. Let us let it all flow together in this safe and sacred space. This is where the healing of the soul is right here, right now, dark and light back together.

< Embodiment 1 > While you were doing your thing, not conscious of other things going on around you, the energy of the OH, the holder of the darkness, your divinity, wants to share with you what it was doing… you see. Oh, it wasn't doing it here on Earth so much. It wasn't doing it in any part of the physical universe that you know. The energy of the OH was embracing you the entire time. It was living through other experiences for you, other potentials for you, things… oh, my dear, dear friends, things that you could not possibly imagine in your mind. It only can be imagined in your soul, in your divinity, in your full expression of you.

< Clarity 6 > Now, several years ago at our annual Shaumbra gathering, we talked about that darkness is your divinity. It was the toughest one we ever had to get through Cauldre and a few of you, opening up to say that the darkness is simply the companion of the light. It neither is right nor wrong. They have been lovers. They have been mates. They have filled in for each other. They have been the mirrors that have allowed you to look at who you are.

< Clarity 6 > They're expressions. The dark helps to spin the light, Shaumbra. It moves the light. The light helps to illuminate new areas, but it takes the dark to spin it. It takes the dark to ground it. We are not talking about dark/evil, dark/bad, dark/violent. We're talking about the core energies. Every once in a while, as we explained a long time ago, the dark and the light trade roles (black and white marble)… you see. The light says, "I want to experience now what it is like to be the dark." And, dark wants to experience the illumination of the light. So, they switch roles.