pran / prantay

your essense
; all of who you are; soul; Yo-ham;

< QuantumLeap 2 > There is this thing that you have that we on the other side call ... well you would call it your soul. But you know that word has been so overused, so misunderstood. It was even assigned a place at the bottom of your feet it was so misunderstood. So we have a word that we use here on our side. It is a different word, but it is perhaps more inclusive. It means your essence - every part of you, every aspect of you, every past life, every ... all of you. All of you, including the potentials that were never manifested (in your human reality), you see. That is another very important part of you.

< QuantumLeap 2 > Indeed, you have made many choices (of potentials) in your life. You have encountered many situations, and you tend to think of "you" as just the choices that you made and experienced. But your essence actually also consists of all the choices (potentials) that you didn't manifest on Earth. But they were manifested or acted out somewhere else. So you see, you are very grand. You are more than just the certain linear experiences that you have had. You are so much more.

< QuantumLeap 2 > Now, on this side, we call this energy pran, or sometimes called prantay, very similar to the word you know of prana. So your essence, your you, this pran or prantay, actually has a physics to it. Let's say that your essence, what we call the prantay, is you. Then you give off a type of essence energy called the prana. You're familiar with that. Prana is the flow of consciousness into energy into this reality. Prana is flowing right now all around this room. Prana emanates from each and every one of you, and it can be measured. And that's one of the things we're going to do in my soon to be video.

< QuantumLeap 2 > We're going to look at how the energy emanating from the prantay or pran into its manifestation or radiation into all things around it has a profound effect, more profound than anything else. We're going to take a look at how this energy from pran can also be transferred or captured in such a way that you can actually use it as an energy source in your 3D reality. Prana emanating from each and every one of you - because you, you are here, you're actively participating by choice in this reality, in this room right now - the prana energy is very, what you would call, strong.

< QuantumLeap 2 > But we don't like to associate a factor, such as strength to it. We don't like to say it is strong or it is weak. Perhaps you could think in terms of more a fullness, a bigness of this Prana energy that you are creating right now. You are mingling your prana energy with the energy that comes from the Earth herself, her prana; with the energy that is coming from the angelic beings who literally are circling this room right now, and there are many, many. And because you are grounded in this reality, you are the ones that are at home with you, this creates a very substantial type of energy - but not an energy that can be measured at all with your old measurements.

< QuantumLeap 2 > But there is an effect, a literal effect that is happening right now with your prantay, your essence, so allowed to be here right now. You see, you don't have to push it or force it. It's just here. You're finally getting comfortable with being human after all this time. Isn't it amazing? And then, your last lifetime! (laughter from audience and Kuthumi) But that is the way it goes, you know! Andra would call it surrender. Surrender into yourself.

< QuantumLeap 2 > It is ... this beautiful energy of your prantay coming forth, has the ability, has the ability for you to truly finally understand yourself and your effect on energy, and how to appropriately and efficiently use it. It is measurable, and as I said it is measurable best when you are participating in your life, when you are fully present. It has a dynamic that is very different than what you have been used to using in the past, therefore, it seems to be somewhat elusive. But if you just let go of the old human ways you're going to see how it works, how easily. As you get into this surrender, you're going to discover how actually easy everything is.

< QuantumLeap 2 > But, in this just letting you be, letting you be, you're going to be amazed at how easily things work out and that's what you can expect in the Quantum Leap. In this energy that you're in now, you can expect things to be so much more clear. You can expect things to be easier - but not if you expect us to be doing it for you, or God or another human or anybody else. If you understand and take full responsibility that you are the one doing it, it is your prana going out and making all these things happen. It is your desire, your choices that are allowing a whole new level of creation to take place in your life.

< QuantumLeap 2 > In the New Energy, it goes very simple, very fast and very graceful IF you are present, you are you and you have surrendered. You've been very acclimated, you've been very ... actually trained in some of the old human focuses, and that would be on just your basic needs, the human needs. The needs of the mind, the needs of the body. In this New Energy that we are in, you don't have to worry about those anymore. They will be taken care of by you. You.

< QuantumLeap 2 > This whole thing about money, now this is one that we could have a talk about for a long time. It has been a struggle for so many of you and it doesn't need to be. It is so very easy. And you're saying now in your mind, "Well tell me, Kuthumi, how am I supposed to do this? Is there a scheme? Is there a plan?" There is none of that. You don't worry about it anymore, because the focus isn't on the little (human) needs. When you are in this New Energy, you have surrendered and you are unto you, it (your pran, Yo-ham) just happens to take care of itself. It really does.

< QuantumLeap 2 > Many of you still can't accept that. You can't accept that it can just happen. You think still that you have to plot it, plan it, fight for it and hold onto it. And that there has to be a degree of suffering and there has to be a degree of limitation. There doesn't at all. I ask you to surrender that. It is holding back this flow.

< QuantumLeap 2 > Prana is everywhere. It emanates from souled beings. Period. It doesn't come from a far-off God somewhere. Prana emanates from souled beings, and it goes out into this vast thing called the omniverse. It is radiated every moment of everyday by every human. Prana is a flow of potentials that can be transformed into energy or what you would call a motion or manifestation.

< QuantumLeap 2 > But right now, the vast, vast, vast majority of all the prana that's out floating around, radiating off of human beings is unused. It's potential that is never tapped into. It is a dream that is never allowed to become fulfilled. It comes from you, it comes from others. Oftentimes it mixes into this vast pool of energy. It is often used by Earth herself and the beings who help take care of Earth. It can be used by you. It's yours in the first place. You are radiating this prana energy right now. Don't compare it to any other energy that's out there, especially now. It is interwoven with this new prana, New Energy. It is so potent - but it's not powerful, you see. It doesn't have to be powerful. It just is. It works very, very quickly.

< QuantumLeap 2 > Your life in this New Energy should be that way. It should be that simple. It should be as simple as you, in the house or the temple of yourself, acknowledging and loving you. When there is a complete acknowledgment, love (for all of who you are) and surrender of you unto you, all things have to work. You don't have to place your daily focus on making money or repairing a relationship or working on your physical body, repairing it. You don't have to engage yourself in this whole thing of the mind games that are played - the games, the battlefields of yourself that are played out in your mind.

< QuantumLeap 2 > The New Energy is the "you" energy. How do you like that for a bumper sticker? The New Energy is the "you" energy, and why shouldn't it be? Because when you are divine and acting accordingly, creating accordingly, this changes the world. When you are so integrated and in love with you, absolutely in love with you, your energy, your prana, your pran, changes. There's a physics that takes place that creates such a new potential for a world that is hungry for it, a world that is hungry for new answers.