small portion of self

small portion of shattered pieces of oneness;
human self; human consciousness;

< New Earth 3 > Now, we will talk briefly of your beginnings. And we will talk of the new energy of the divine human - of you. We have stated in other sessions that when this place of earth was created eons ago you, the angel, came here. But only a small part of you is truly in consciousness on this place of earth. The other parts of your self - what we call your True Self - are in the grids of earth and in the energetic fields in the other planets.

When you took this journey to earth, most of your True Self was placed in an energy cocoon. There was reason for that. It was that there was much internal, inside work to be done. So, most of your True Self was wrapped in an energy so that others could not see it. Those from other planets and other dimensions could not see your True Self. Your True Self, while wrapped in this energy cocoon, was watched over by legions of guides and angels to protect the delicate balance that was needed.

< New Earth 3 > While your True Self was wrapped in this cocoon and watched over by the angels, a small portion of who you truly are came to this place called Earth and began taking physical form. And when this part of your True Self came here and took physical form it also accepted duality. It took on an attribute that was most needed by your True Self and by Spirit in this great, great understanding called earth. A part of you had to walk without the conscious realization of who you were. You gave up the conscious recognition that you are indeed spirit, that you are indeed Love. You came to this place of earth and water and rock and air and did not remember who you were.

< Creator 6 > Prince Jack spent an eternity in the zone of the wall of fire. It shattered him into pieces. Those pieces, in a sense, reorganized themselves into two areas. A small portion of the pieces reconnected and fell through the universe onto a place called Earth. They resurrected themselves in a human body. In this human body, Jack was destined to walk the Earth many, many times, to repeat the cycle of lifetimes, to gain experience for something on a very grand scale.

< Creator 6 > Part of Jack, the larger part of Jack that was shattered, spent a bit of extra time in the zone of the wall of fire. These pieces of Jack spent time in turmoil and difficulty within the wall of fire. But then they banded together again. They found each other. They found the vibration of each other. They came back together. They then wrapped a large weaving of energy around them to protect them. You would call this a cocoon. And within this cocoon, the larger part of Jack that had come back together again went to sleep, protected by an energy cocoon, protected by many other types of unseen but loving forces.

< Creator 6 > When you left the kingdom and went through the great wall of fire, much of you was left behind. Much of you went through a turmoil that is very difficult to describe and difficult for you to even understand within your being. A small part of your total energy came to this place called Earth and has walked for many, many lifetimes. But the part of you that was left behind - your True Self - is now awakening. This is what is happening within you right now. This is why you are feeling the things within your body and your mind that you do. This is why we gather here. This is why we honor you.

< Creator 8 > Part of Jack, though, did not go into the cocoon. Part of his being continued past the Wall of Fire where he entered a void. He entered nothingness, total darkness. When he opened his eyes on the other side of the Wall of Fire, Jack saw the mirror image of himself. He saw his opposite. He saw duality. For the first time ever Jack was no longer an extension of oneness. He was now "two." And this was the beginning of duality as you know it.

< freedom 5 > The soul created this aspect that would go into human experiences before all of it came in. And it gave this human aspect, who has had many, many lifetimes, a large degree of freedom and free will. But there are times when the soul has superseded or overruled some of the things of the human. It's given the human a very, very long line (lineage). And this human is the soul, but the soul in its brilliance didn't send all of itself within itself right away. The soul said, “To know myself and to love myself, I'm going to dive completely into me.” And in that moment, this aspect, this fragment of the soul that would go into the human experience, went forth, paving the way, blazing the trail or adjusting the frequencies so that ultimately the entire I Am-ness could be present within itself.