Pleiades / Pleiadians


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Q: My question, speaking of aliens, is you share about the intruders, interrupters, and over the years we've heard about the Pleiades or Pleiadians and others, who had sent information various ways, which seems compassionate, loving. And my question is, are these interrupters strictly every alien you speak of, quote, with that terminology - alien, Pleiadians - are they interrupters? Or what am I to realize from this new information?

A: [GUIDANCE ENERGY] Yes, the interrupters. Good choice of words in that one, yes? We call them "the free will meddlers." (laughter) The ones that meddle in free will, and what we offer as Guidance Energy is that free will is one of the greatest gifts of divinity - the ability to understand, as the entities call, the "I Am." And so we call them the free will meddlers, which means that, for example, the body we're using - are we meddling with her free will? Well, we better not! It's a covenant. It's an agreement.

You speak of the beings from the star system. We can only speak of those beings connected to the human beings that populated the planet in the earlier days of modern world that were closer to nature in their understanding of deification and ritual and ceremony. There are many names for them. We don't like any of those names, so we won't call them, but they are those who are known to be perhaps native to the lands in which they were living when it was not quite the modern conveniences of things you have now, yes?

And in their understanding of such things, there was levels of service from entities and beings, and an understanding of consciousness in that way. And so these things were engaged then, are still engaged now, and may be engaged in the future.

If the heart is engaged, then there's an understanding that certain levels of the beings you spoke of - the heart is connecting in a compassion sense to it. If we say all answers lie within, but it might take a really long time to pull them out, wouldn't it? So we say on to you, dear one, if you ask of something that is perhaps disembodied or alien and your heart aligns with the energy in a compassionate way, then therefore is that not your own guidance?

And so therefore, as you feel that and your free will is already aligned with a benevolent loving energy, and therefore, your heart feels that connection, then you, dear one, know and are empowered within to know what is best. And so answer the question, dear one. Do these beings you mentioned have compassion? Humanity doesn't always get to experience beautiful energy, so we say on to you, dear ones, if you have moments where you experience it, allow it, and don't let the mind get confused as to what it is.

A: [Adamus] It is more about why do humans give away their power? There are beings in these other realms who have learned a lot, perhaps maybe not as much as the humans, but there's still such a desire to quickly, quickly turn it over to anybody who says they're from some other realm, to anybody who says they're not in physical body. When somebody dies, that doesn't suddenly make them great or all-knowing or all-seeing.

So there are some beings who have tremendous compassion, but I put it back and say would you go to a doctor for something that's really causing you great concern with your physical body, a doctor who's never gone to medical school? Probably not. Would you get your advice from somebody who's never been on this planet, who's never walked in human shoes, who's never gone by way of Earth? I think not. I think not.

An information exchange with some of the beings from other realms can be very healthy. But when humans - not you - but when humans suddenly put some of these beings on some grand platform, put them up on pedestal, that's when we have to say no, remember you, the human beings, are grand in yourself.

Now, next step, how do we start communicating with the other realms? And not from the standpoint of learning how to run your little life down here on Earth, not from the ones who are telling you how shabby it is down here, not at all. But now from a place of true consciousness connecting out, because there are things that can be learned from these other realms.