spirit name / soul name


< QuantumLeap 10QA > First of all, we could not possibly pronounce that name. English - and any human language - is very, very limited. It would be a vibration. The closest we could do is to try to sing it out and with this voice of Cauldre we're not going to try that. You would be so disappointed. It would - bauh-h-h-h - sound like … (much laughter at the noise Tobias makes)

But actually we have always told Shaumbra it would be like unwrapping your Christmas present if we told you your spirit name. Spirit names are a funny thing - or names we know you by - they change constantly. And when you're born a human you have a name like Tobias and that name sticks with you for the entire time you're in that incarnation. It is very different on the spirit side because it is constantly changing. You'd almost have to perceive it like many, many, many musical notes combining together, and every time you shift or change your consciousness, those notes change. So it is difficult to define it.

The other part of this is we would ask you to sense that name for yourself. The dear Shaumbra who just discussed her experience about this cosmic consciousness felt her name. She didn't hear it. She felt it. She knew it. She knew who she was. So we're going to invite you to feel that same thing for yourself rather than us speaking. So, sorry.

< (Next) 5 > You ask a lot of times, "What is my spirit name?" We can't tell you. Not because it's a secret, but because it's constantly changing and evolving, just as you are. You have to remember spirit names aren't like human names - you're born and they give you a name - Mary Beth or whatever - and it's really not one you chose, but you kind of adapt it. You identify yourself with it, and then you just live with it. But spirit names are different, constantly evolving. They are songs, not names. They are a tone, not a harsh human sound. To really understand your spirit name, you would have to sing it, you would have to tone it. To try to put it into harsh human words would be a disservice.

< freedom 6 > And when the call came out from the House of Gabriel for those who would come to Earth, you spoke your spiritual name out loud. And so it was that a contingent of angelic beings came to this place that you now call Earth. It had no life force energy. It had no trees, no animals, but they imagined – they imagined into this rock called Earth – they imagined abundant, living, dynamic beings, and so it became. How long it took doesn't matter. And then it was time for you to go, to journey forth from this thing called the Order of the Arc. You came down to this place called Earth.