fall from grace / fallen angels

You've fallen trust and communication with yourself
and so you've isolated yourself into this little being.

< Creator 4 > Understand that quite unlike what your books tell you and what other teachers tell you, there was never a fall from grace. There was never a Lucifer that was thrown out of heaven. These are all metaphors. You experienced the very edge of creation. You experienced something that you had never done before, and it was called duality. That sent you into the second creation. There was an energy that was needed to send you beyond the limits of creation. This duality, this friction created the energy that catapulted you into the second creation called Earth, into where you are right now. It was like feeling the power of the rockets exploding with so much force that it made you forget where you came from. But there was not a fall from grace. We look at it like it was a step from one into two, a step that was taken in love for Spirit and all of us who will follow behind you.

< Clarity 4 > If there is a certain belief system that you have, it literally plays itself out externally. If you believe that life on Earth is basically a punishment, that you are fallen angels, and that you come here trying to have the mercy and the grace of God… well, that becomes a very unconscious, a very deep belief system. You don't even think about it. You don't even recognize it's there. And, then you start to play it out. You start to act it out. Now, you are literally creating it all around you because it is your filter, or it is your bias. And, now it becomes reality. You see the world now through the eyes of the judgment, through eyes of being a fallen angel, through the eyes of perhaps dark or evil. You see the world as being a type of punishment. You see it as a type of penitentiary or prison where you have been sent until you learn the correct way.

< Master 3 > You've gotten out of communication with the other parts of yourself. Because of the way things have been done, they don't respect you. These other parts of you don't respect you like they used to and like they would like to. But they want to. And to make it all the more difficult, you don't trust yourself anymore, so you've really fallen out of grace with yourself, with these parts of you, and that's why a lot of the communications in your mind, in your body and definitely your spirit have shut down. Definitely with your spirit. You've fallen out of trust with yourself and so you've isolated yourself into this little being. Little being. Not trusting of who you actually are.

< Master 3 > You forgot on purpose? You wanted to forget who you were? Who told you that? Why did you believe it? is actually the real question. No, no, no. You got out of trust and communication with yourself. So you fall out of any sort of connection with your spirit. It's still there. It's still there, always has been, but you've stopped communicating with it, with every part of yourself. You don't trust your body. You don't trust your mind. You don't have the foggiest of your spirit. You've been searching for it for a long time, and that's been a fun game in a way - "Let go search for spirit." Search where? It's you. You say, "But me? Spirit?" Absolutely. Spirit out of communication with itself, because of lack of trust.