Higgs boson

God particle that puts energy into matter;
actually an attractant that attracts certain particles of energies to go into matter, to form physical reality;

< e2012 11 > Great announcement. Oh, and not 100 percent sure, but 99.9 percent sure. That is a statement that is going to come back to haunt them. This thing called the Higgs boson, which is basically the particle – which it's not at all, I don't want to tell them that though – this particle that basically puts energy into matter. And after ten billion dollars of investment into this research just with CERN, not to mention others, they had to come up with a press release that said something, because they're looking for more funding. They said, “We think we've discovered it.” They're actually partly right. They've discovered half of it. (someone asks “Are you talking cold fusion?”) No I'm talking about this “God particle.”

< e2012 11 > First of all, I have to give you a lot of credit. You know this stuff before it even comes out in the news. You actually understand it energetically, and then the scientists use billions of dollars to try to verify. I don't know why they just don't come and talk to you. (laughter) Because you have an innate understanding that there is something – there is energy, of course – there is something that literally attracts energies to go into certain directions. What they're calling this boson, actually, is an attractant, and it attracts certain particles of energies to go into matter, to form physical reality.

< e2012 11 > Well, the question is, first of all, why do only certain energies then go into matter? Why not all? What is it about certain energies that attracts them to matter? How does the boson or the energy determine whether it's going to go into matter? What happens to the energies that do not go to matter? And what happens to energies that go into matter? Because they do not stay there forever. So what's the back door to let them out? Interesting.

< e2012 11 > What is going to happen with this big announcement about this particle – it's really an element – but what is going to happen in the coming months as they continue to research, somebody is going to realize that it's actually not working according to scientific method. They saw it work for a while, and now it's not working. The scientific principles that they're using and the standard models that they're basing this all on are suddenly not going to work. It's really going to throw them. It's going to cause some of them to go crazy, because they think about it too much, and they shouldn't. But they're going to realize it doesn't work the same all the time.

< e2012 11 > They're not considering that for every element, for every energy, for every particle, for every everything – with one little exception – everything has its counterpart, its shadow that exists in a different realm. They do not come together, for the most part, in the same realm. So if there is this Higgs boson in this realm that they can identify, they're not seeing the other half of it – its dark side, its shadow side or its opposite. That's at work all the time. Sometimes it's an opposing force, sometimes it is a complementary, but it has to have that, for the most part, and they're not seeing it.

< e2012 11 > So it's going to confuse and perplex them about what's really happening. But that is good, because it's also going to motivate them to say “What is really going on here?” And they're going to start to come to understand things are not linear, that scientific method is actually valid in some cases, but you have to go beyond the old scientific methods in other cases. You have to understand a whole new way of thinking, a new math for the universe, a new way of understanding energy and its movements. And they're talking about this Higgs is in some field. No, it's not. It's everywhere. It's all around. It's right here. It's in your belly right now. It's everywhere.

< e2012 11 > What is motivating this boson? What is causing it to be there in the first place? What's it doing? It's like a traffic cop, actually. It's slowing things down (materialize) at the appropriate times. It's speeding or letting other traffic pass by. But why? Why? Consciousness is the answer. It's like a traffic cop and it's directing energies, but what created it? What determines what energies are put into matter, what energies go somewhere else? Where do they go? It is consciousness. But what has the biggest effect on the consciousness is the passion behind it.

< e2012 11 > It is passion. And it's not energy. Not at all, and it's not thinking, because thinking is not passionate. Passion is not from the mind, but it can inspire the mind. Passion is actually not really creativity, but it can bring the creativity forth. Passion is simple. It is expressive. It is open. It is free. Where is the passion? It is just your immense desire, your soul desire just to experience. Just for the sake of experiencing, without worrying about the end result of it, unless you don't like where it's going and you want to change it. Just for the experience.

< e2012 11 > WHITE EAGLE: They will find that it is not so much a particle as a portal, and it is a multidimensional portal, and that's why it does not act the same every time. And they will find that it's not just a portal, but a zillion portals that acts like one portal. And so it is impossible for them to delineate it. It is impossible for them to find it with scientific measurement. It is a consciousness Adamantine particle, but it is not a particle at all so much as it is an opening to a space. And the space is multidimensional.