same sex marriage


< kharisma 9 > Look at what's happening in many of the countries of this world – allowing same sex marriage. Oooh! What a big step for this planet! First of all, they should realize this isn't the first time on the planet it's happened. First of all, Lemuria, for the most part, most of you had both masculine and feminine organs and body parts. So now, you weren't just like marrying somebody of the same sex; you were both, and you were together in the same body. You're all masculine and feminine together and the real balance is bringing them both back. But anyway, back to the diversification, back to same sex marriage. It was commonplace in Atlantis. Actually, marriage wasn't so commonplace, but it was commonplace to love who you chose to love without somebody interfering and saying, “Oh yeah, but they have to be the opposite sex.”