< Discovery 9 > After fourteen hundred lifetimes, after going through just about everything a human can experience, just about everything that can be had. You've had relationships, good and bad. You've had health, good and bad. You've had money and no money. Through your incarnations, your lifetimes, you've seen most of the world. You don't need to hop on an airplane, because you probably have been there, with a few exceptions. There's not much more. So you're bored. You're just bored. That's it. So what do you do in the boredom

< Discovery 9 > Now, you'll think that “I can't stand other people or my dog” or this or that. It's boredom, which leads to intolerance and combined with this feeling, this intuition coming up, “There's got to be more to this” and there is. And it's the sheer boredom. You look at other people and say, “Oh my god, they have at least 75 more lifetimes. (laughter) I don't want to be with them. I am so done with going through that. I'm tired of stupid questions.”

< Discovery 9 > So you have the unlimited I Am. Totally free. Not dependent on anything, not even God. God said, “Here. Have your I Am and – whissh! – get out of here.” And then you've got these little boxes of limitation, some that are kind of attached to the, let's call it, the Free Self, but they've kind of barricaded themselves off. So you've got all these little limited boxes, and one of the limited boxes that you've created is this thing that says, “Well, I'm supposed to be a Master." 

< Discovery 9 > Well, what the hell's a Master anyway? I've told you, I've told other groups. First of all, a Master doesn't tolerate any crap. Now, it doesn't sound like the old concept of a Master, you know, sitting on the mountaintop chanting. That's not a Master. That's somebody who's going through something you went through eight, twelve, fifteen lifetimes ago. You've been there. You've been on the mountain. You've done the routine, and could you imagine going back? Boring. Boring. Boring. I contend that an irritation, a frustration that all of you have is just sheer boredom.

< Discovery 9 > So there's this whole phenomenon going on of boredom, and what do you do? So you create stuff, just to keep you busy. You know what many of you do is engage in extreme activity, what I call the “Hatter” activity, like the Mad Hatter. Just activity, just something to keep going, just something, because if you just keep yourself engaged to anything, maybe you'll stay on the planet. If you keep yourself engaged, maybe it will bring in some energy or something, and it doesn't.

< Discovery 9 > Actually, engaging yourself in frantic activity is neurotic, and it's feeding the thought-into-mood cycle. It doesn't give you the opportunity to stop and just say, “I Am. I Exist.” It doesn't give you an opportunity to just slow down and allow a very natural process to take place, because part of you doesn't want to face that natural process. It hurts a little bit. It hurts the body for a little while. If I told you that you're going to do a complete release of your ancestral biology and your old human template and you're going to integrate the light body, don't you think that would hurt a little bit? Well, certainly. You've been clunking this thing around for millions of years, this template of a physical body. It's going to hurt a little bit as it releases.

< Discovery 9 > Letting go of the control. The control, by the way, is the very thing that makes the little boxes, the limited self, little limited I Am. By the way, these boxes, you notice I didn't draw them touching each other, because that's kind of the way it is. The limited aspects or selves are not really connected. Maybe in some strange way, but they actually really don't connect or talk to each other. So there's a lot of control – the control in the way you dress, you know, and so often the control comes from what you think others are going to say, because it's part of this huge matrix – what you should and shouldn't do. Feel my frustration for you – for you, not at you, but for you. It is boring, just deadly boring. You get to the point on this journey on this planet and it's really boring.

< Discovery 9 > Awareness does bring frustration and annoyance and anger, and that's why a good Master is a pissed off Master! It's very true. It is very, very true. So this whole notion that you're supposed to be nice – saints are nice and Buddhas are nice – and it's not true. There is – especially right about now where you're at – there is extreme annoyance, impatience, intolerance, anger. And then you take a lot of energy to suppress it, and it doesn't really work. And then you get all in the mind, jambled up in the mind, and trying to figure out – you exhaust yourself. You bore yourself too, but you exhaust yourself, and you have no energy left. And you fall into bed hoping, hoping for a reprieve in the late night hours, and it doesn't happen. It doesn't happen. Welcome to mastery.

< Discovery 9 > First of all, let yourself really, truly feel into all of this – your anger, your frustration, your confusion, be angry at me, if you want – because it's real. It's happening and there's a reason for it; because you're bored, you want something more, but because of still having the boxes and some limitations and the fear of letting go of control, you stay in the pattern. Back to your question, the choice. The choice can be to get out of the rut. But, my friends, when you get out of that old template, when you get into your light body, your divine intelligence, your I Am, it changes everything. And there are so many that want a little change. Mastery is all or nothing. Mastery isn't just a little better matrix than you had last week. It is all or nothing. There's either freedom or there's limitation. There's not kind of free limitation. There's not. And there's really not even limited freedom.