year 2014


< Discovery 4 > As I said in our last gathering, the year of tough love. It's also going to be the year of discovering gifts within yourself; tough love, gifts within self. There are some things within you, already there. You created them; you made them. They're part of the Christ seed energy, and they're just – they're like crystals, well, crystals within you. They just haven't been brought forward for a lot of reasons we don't need to get into, but gifts and talents that are yours. Nobody's giving them to you. They're going to amaze you. Things that you didn't even know you had – understandings, talents, creativity – that are going to be, let's call it, pushed forward. They're going to come out. Times will be tough, and this will cause these beautiful things within you to finally come out. A little nudging is going to bring them out.

< Discovery 4 > Going forward into next year – and this will all tie together; it doesn't make sense right now at all, but one of these days you're going to go, “Oh! Now I understand”– going forward into next year is both the year of tough love, the year of discovery of latent talents and gifts within yourself that will – I'll put it in writing and guarantee your money back on this Shoud – that it will blow you away. It will literally blow you away next year, what has been latent in there.

< Discovery 4 > Trust is kind of a surrender, in a way, but trust is … trust, for some of the Masters, has been, “I don't have anything else. There's nothing left. That's all I have. I can't even effort into it. I can't make myself believe in, but that's all I have because everything else is gone.” That's when you discover real trust, by the way. Yeah. Next year it's going to be trusting yourself. I can tell you this and you're not going to necessarily believe it, but just do it. Just trust yourself. Even when you think it's wrong, it's still right. It really is. Even when you think, “Oh, I turned the wrong way; I did the wrong thing.”

< Discovery 4 > A lot of things [potentials] in your life won't have to happen if you trust yourself. If you absolutely emphatically “I've got nothing else in my life” trust yourself. It will change the experience. The outcome, the end result is still going to be the same – enlightenment. I would say most of you have made a commitment to it, you've got a pretty good shot at it in this lifetime, pretty good chance. You have a 100 percent chance. Yeah. There is that potential. Most of you seriously have an excellent, excellent, excellent potential for realization – I don't even want to call it enlightenment; realization – in this lifetime, if you trust yourself.

< Discovery 5 > And the interesting thing is that I'm going to say that this year is going to be the year of coming from left field, and right field, and behind the bleachers.* It's not what's obvious right up front that's going to be making the difference. It's all of the things coming from out of left field, out of odd and strange places, unexpected places, whether it's money in your pocket or an opportunity.
* In this case “left field” means “unexpected” and refers to a baseball field.

< Discovery 5 > You see, and if you're thinking about everything, if you're trying to make it make sense, you might miss the opportunity. Probably not, but it's just going to be a little bit more struggle getting there. It's just going to come of left field. On the same token, for the planet, for the planet, things that are going to be disruptive are going to come out of left field. Everybody's expecting, with anxieties, “Something's going to happen at the Olympics,” right? World attention, world focus. Probably not. Probably somewhere else. It's going to come out of the dark, so to speak, out of little-expected places.

< Discovery 5 > Breaking of patterns. Don't go into some crisis about it, because it's just a realignment of energy. That's all. And it actually realigns back in a way you couldn't have even planned in your mind how the outcome is so good. So there's an immediacy of the panic, “What's going on? What's happening?” Take a deep breath, two deep breaths and realize it's a realignment and it's going to bring things to you in ways you couldn't even think about or imagine. And then you're going to go, “Wow! That Adamus is amazing, awesome!” (some chuckles) And I'm going to know actually you are. You are.

< Discovery 5 > If you want to summarize the year, and really into the next three years total, look at it from the perspective of two of the most important elements on this planet, maybe in the whole cosmos, and those elements are power and freedom. Now when you see something happen in the news, take a look at it from what's happening to power. What's happening to freedom in your own life. Releasing power in your life. Oh! It's confusing and scary – “Well, how can you release power?” – and the interesting thing is you can't release just a little bit and hold onto a little bit. You release it all together – the need for power.

< Discovery 5 > Power is an illusion. It really doesn't exist anywhere other than in a belief system. Power is about the accumulation, the getting of energy, the fear that there might not be enough energy for you. The biggest number one human need is not food or water or money or sex. It's for energy. Energy. It then manifests in these other forms, but that is the number one human need is getting energy. People do it through power. They think they have to force it, struggle, steal it, manipulate it, accumulate it or anything else. Imagine going without power.

< Discovery 5 > It seems frightening because you live in a world that's filled with power, that's filled with people who play with power, who have used power on you – mental power, financial power, physical power on you. You say, “How can I go without power? I won't have any defenses against this crazy sometimes insane world.” The fact is, without power, they're not going to see you. They play power and that's all they see is power. When you release the power game in your own life, you become invisible to them. In other words, they go to somebody else to steal, to do all their power things with. You are then free. You don't have to play the game. They're not going to be coming after you.

< Discovery 5 > This year is about power and freedom, in your own life and in the world. It's going to be about you giving yourself that freedom that's inherent within you, but you have a lot of overlays, a lot of issues, a lot of everything else that you've taken that very freedom away. Freedom sounds wonderful, but it's a tremendous responsibility. It sounds, “Oh, I'm going to be free,” but free of what? Well, you know, most of the time you think free of paying bills, free of having a boss, free of governments. But the real freedom is within. Free of your past. Free of your beliefs.

< Discovery 5 > Beliefs are kind of like power. They're an illusion. They're made up. Not that they're bad – they're a fun tool to play with – but at a certain point, they get old. It's freedom from beliefs, freedom from limitations. And, again, while that sounds wonderful, it is a tremendous responsibility. Many people who are given the choice of freedom will find a lot of excuses not to accept it, not to take it. Those, to me, are the issues for 2014. There's going to be a lot, a lot, a lot going on in the world. Come back though to the underlying fundamental reasons for it; it's power and freedom.

< Discovery 5 > It's a big moment for Shaumbra. Big moment. Now, and let's do this without talking or speaking. It's the opportunity to walk out. And it's symbolic of walking out of the old ways, the old life, the old excuses, the old limitations, and walking back through that door as a Master, ready to go into 2014. And mark my words, 2014 is going to need some Masters. Walk back in as a Master. We'll go from there.