bright spot light


< Ascension 6 > Many of you will see Metatron in your dreams or lucid states. It will be a very high energy - a shimmering vibration - ranging from the copper tones into the golds, into the flaming whites. You may see a bright light out of the corner of your eye at times, a flash of light. You are seeing a touch of Metatron coming into your awareness field. When you see that bright flash of light, you are allowing this energy of Metatron to come in. It will be an important energy to work with throughout this year.

< DivineHuman 10QA > When you open your heart, when you get out of the Old reality, you will feel us first, and then you will begin to see us. You will begin to know when we are standing beside you, and when we are not. There will be no more doubt in your mind. You are already getting some hints of this. You are seeing us as a bright spot of light off to the side of your eye. But, when you look at it, you go intellectual. You go analytical. Then the bright spot of light seems to disappear. It doesn't. We are still there.

< DivineHuman 10QA > You are seeing the essence of Spirit in this bright light. But, you have converted back to your analytical mind, and then you can no longer sense us. Sometimes you see us as a movement off to the side. You get a feeling of warmth come over you. But, the moment you start analyzing, it goes away. Dear friends, the next time that happens, when we are right there with you in your reality, you know what to do. Breathe in. Allow your own creativity to dance with ours.