< Embodiment 2 > The hurricanes that are moving through the place of the Bahamas and onto your southern parts of the United States one after the other. From The Field take a look at what's really going on here. What's really going on here is a clearing of Old Energies of you from Atlantis, energies of Azura-tamu being cleansed and cleaned by the greatest of winds and rains from the islands. These winds and rains will sweep through two of the former centers of Atlantis, the ones that were around the areas of Cuba and the ones that were around the areas of Atlanta. And, they will cleanse and purify and release Old Energies.

< Embodiment 6 > Yes, over there, there are some pictures of our times in Atlantis, the pictures of the Temples of Tien, and the areas that would now be around Cuba. The temples are not there anymore. They are long gone. Even the land that they sat upon has changed, and it would now be underwater, for those of you who are searching. But, there are pictures - yes, not taken with an actual camera - but there are pictures that I put there through my imagination, pictures on the walls of all of our times together. Items that some of you have given me as gifts in lifetimes past… I have placed them on the shelves.

< Clarity 2QA > Indeed, these are not specifically the Temples of Tien, for the Temples of Tien lie even underneath these structures under water because they were… the temples - how to say - were covered up for a variety of reasons. But, what they are finding are literally some of the structures and the buildings of Atlantis that are starting to slowly come up. There are many who will say, "But, wouldn't they go deeper and deeper?" But, the old Atlantean energies are surfacing, so with them come some of the old buildings and facilities.

But, yes, it is… they are the remnants of the Atlantean times. The Temples of Tien are, as we said, beneath that. And, they are well protected for a variety of reasons.

< Teacher 1QA > The essence of Shaumbra goes back, primarily, to the Temples of Tien, although we have all known each other on celestial realms and we all know each other through the Order of the Arc. But in human terms, we gathered together in the Temples of Tien. We brought our hearts and our souls and our experiences together. They were incredible times, and I choke up a bit when I talk about the temples, because that to me was my true family on Earth.

The energies of Tien are coming back through all of Shaumbra right now, but the energies of that episode of Atlantis is coming back. You see the changes that are currently taking place in Cuba and you see that there is energies trying to race in there like pests and varmints right now to take advantage of a situation that is actually quite beautiful. There are energies that want to take advantage of the rising energy of Tien that have been protected for a while by the one who is currently in charge of the areas around Cuba, of the one you would call President Castro. And there is a major energy conflict going on here right now at many, many different levels. The human level of course, but in the etheric levels.

< Teacher 10QA > It exists on a different dimension and a different realm right now. You could say in a sense it's buried under the Earth somewhere off the coast of Cuba, for one of the four centers of Atlantis, but also it exists in a different dimension. Some of you have gone back there. Others of you have realized that that etheric civilization that still exists is very, very stuck, and you're not finding ... you didn't find the answers that you were looking for in Atlantis. You're going to find them in the new Atlantis, which is right here, right now.

< Returning 5QA > I'd be happy to, and mark my words, which we know you all will do, this hasn't been spoken about much in public, but as this new administration comes in, actually one of the top things on their priority list is the normalization of relationships with Cuba. It is one of those … now, by the way, I have to say that this administration is so much more New Energy or high consciousness than they would ever want to let get out, because, well it would scare a certain faction to think that there is these high consciousness, high integrity people now in office.

But one of the first issues is addressing this. It's going to bring up a lot of political noise, but it's going to be put on the table - we're going to say within the first half of this next year, but definitely within this year - and it's going to involve some letting go of some very old stuck energy, which the administration realizes is blocking so many things. Now, how can you talk about being one of the leaders of the free world but having all of these barriers and enemies?

So this has been placed on the top of the priority list to basically set an example and send a message to the rest of the world that "We're done playing games," that "We're going to let the past be the past." So you can tell this dear one to expect change and expect that there will be some who do not like it, but the change will go through. And, hmm, it's going to have a very interesting effect on so many different family relationships.

See how it works out! Actually, it will go so far - Cauldre's a bit embarrassed - but quite frankly, I wanted to give a personal message to Fidel Castro. And …

There was a need … Do I have to be so public? Yes. There was a need to do it, and basically to talk to Castro about this whole issue of Atlantis rising, his role in basically protecting an energy. Now, some of you may disagree with how it was done, but at the end of the day, it was about protecting some of those old energies and helping to ensure that some of the very difficult and warrior energies of Atlantis didn't come back up at this time, that they were basically mellowed or evened out. There was that very high potential, and it would not have necessarily been pretty.

So we say to those who are in Cuba - those who are in leadership - that there was something that is going on far beyond what you may realize.