solar flare


< NewEnergy 4 > And, last week you have seen some of the grandest bursts of solar energy ever recorded, ever known, even on our side of the veil. Solar flares… grand eruptions from the sun… and, you think your anger doesn't have power behind it! What is happening through the consciousness of you and the consciousness of humanity… you are releasing so much Old Energy that it literally is being reflected in the energy of the sun. Grand solar bursts… they come rocketing to Earth. You have been bombarded with these over the last couple days. And, you wonder, dear friends, why your body feels funny… why your mind is out of balance… why you're feeling a flurry of emotions! Emotions occur when you let go of things. Emotions occur when you allow the anger within you to manifest in such a way - grand energies coming from the sun - but you created them.

You are releasing things that are stored. We have talked about energies being stored in Gaia (crystalline grid), in the Earth, and indeed they are. You are releasing them, aspects of yourself from the past. There are also energies stored in all of the planets, in the suns, in the stars, and the galaxies. And, they are yours. They are your energies. Why do you think that certain planets have astrological qualities to them, influences? Part of your energies are stored there.

< NewEnergy 4 > So, what happens is… you have these tremendous bursts and eruptions in the sun - releases, and expressions of your anger - saying it is time now for Home to come to me. A phenomenal amount of energy moves from the sun and goes right to the Earth. You have been experiencing that the last few days. And, it manifests exactly where it should - fires, dear friends, the ones Metatron talked about. Fires… haven't you seen them in this last week? Haven't you seen them - even in this area of these mountains - but especially in the areas of Southern California, even other places of the world? So much energy and attention has been focused on the ones in this place called California, clearing energies, releasing energies that were there.