< NewEnergy 2QA > Alzheimer's is the loss of focus in particular. This is happening right now as consciousness is being expanded. There are many individuals who are allowing themselves to remain on Earth in the human body, while allowing their energies to expand or go into the other dimensions.

It is a condition that will be overcome within your lifetime. It will be attributed to medical advances and breakthroughs. But, ultimately, it is because so many Shaumbra and others around the world are beginning to understand how consciousness can be expanded. You can go into the different dimensional zones without having to leave your body or your mind. So, we see here that there are those who are working with specific enzymes, combinations of enzymes, that can be ingested into the system in a relatively painless way where it will help bring back a new balance.

< QuantumLeap 3 > First of all, it is interesting ... we could have a long discussion about Alzheimer's. There is a variety of reasons for it, everything from what you call the natural or the physical reasons for it, everything from aluminum to elements that are in the water to some of the other chemicals that are in your day-to-day life, but these are not actually causing the Alzheimer's. They just happen to be more present with an Alzheimer patient.

Alzheimer's has to do with this whole process of inter-dimensionality, in walking between the worlds, in a certain desire to expand, to explore some of the other realms but sometimes it causes - as you understand here - sometimes it causes grief for those back on Earth. A lot of times those who are experiencing Alzheimer's are actually - when they are in the Alzheimer's mode, in what would appear to be forgetful - are actually traveling inter-dimensionally. And they're having a wonderful time. Now it doesn't do much good for their body or their mind back here, but they are going out and testing the other dimensions. Sometimes they go back into these near Earth realms to explore what it's going to be like when they do cross over.

It's a condition that doesn't need to be, but again, it is a type of consciousness - we don't want to call it a virus, not the right word, Cauldre - but a consciousness affliction that's happening right now. They are also some of the pioneers who are venturing out multi-dimensionally while still in the body. So don't look at this as a negative thing, although when you see a parent or a friend with Alzheimer's, it is sometimes very difficult to accept.

When your presence is with them, when you go to visit, for instance, a funny thing happens, as Kuthumi would say. You also join in the inter-dimensional or the expanded consciousness mode with them. It is like now they have a friend to go on the journey with. So it is beneficial to do this, but don't put that as a requirement to do it every day or every week. Do it when you feel it in your heart.

When you're talking to an Alzheimer's patient - for any of you - don't talk to them like they're idiots. Don't talk to them like they're stupid. They're just multidimensional. Join them in the multidimensional experience, but do it a little different. Stay very present in your body, do some breathing, be in the Now moment, and then expand your energy to meet theirs. Go on a trip with them. Generally, what they're doing is going out of their body. They're leaving the Now moment and they're going off on their little side trips. You can join them, but you can stay in the Now moment.

Now, as a Standard, that's going to send a signal to them. That's going to let them know you can expand, you can be multidimensional and still be totally in the Now.