< Teacher 3QA > We see that these are not the real sources to worry about. There is the potential - and it is only a potential - for a type of dirty nuclear attack that could come up anywhere in the next... oh, we would say in the next two years but probably much closer to one year. This will not be carried on by any particular country. It will be carried on by a small group who is looking to try to force energies back into the old way. They are looking to hold on.

Now, why the type of bomb? Why killing? Because when this happens, what happens with most of the people? They go backwards. They retreat. If you want to see a new wave of conservatism throughout the world, simply have an event like this take place. Everybody will go back to their old positions, go back to more fundamentalist churches, fundamentalist governments. You're seeing it right now.

I'm not making a prediction here, but for instance, with elections coming up in many parts of the world - important elections over the next several years, you're going to see that it is much easier for a conservative, heavy-handed leader to win if there is these type of events in the world. So, in other words, you have a very fundamentalist rebellious group that wants to hold onto old ways at a time of great transition into New Energy and what better way to get the whole world to hold onto the old ways than to have this type of bombing. And we see that as a potential.