< Embodiment 11QA > The fundamentalist movement that is taking place worldwide is literally a response to changing energy. When one energy tries to move and change, the other will have a reverse effect, and will try to ground and stabilize and prevent change. It will try to hold onto the identity. This is the natural way that duality energy works.

You are moving beyond that, even where it doesn't need to work as opposing forces. You are moving into the new zone where it is expansional energy versus vibrational or duality energy. Even the ones who you call fundamentalists or the extremists are searching. They are searching in an extreme way or a very fundamental way. But, they are also asking the questions.

It is interesting to note that for the most part that they get into these fundamentalist or extreme movements, and they will also get out of them. This is not a lifetime thing. It does not satisfy the hunger or the thirst of the soul. So, while they may be - how to say - very passionate for a period of time about what they were doing, ultimately they go back to the true search.

Ultimately, they're going to come to the quiet ones, the true New Energy pioneers to say, "What's going on in your life? Tell me what you are doing right now." They will ask gently, "So, what have you been up to?" You don't need to - how to say - evangelize or convert. There is nothing to convert them over to. Simply share with them from your heart what you are doing: the integration of human and Spirit… what a beautiful thing.

< Teacher 2QA > Indeed, we're going to make a general comment about some of the world situation right now. We have told you before, as things speed up - and particularly as we approach the time of the quantum leap - these battling forces will battle even more. Essentially, you could say that there are many forces that want things to slow down.

In a sense it is almost like a repeat of the Wall of Fire. Remember how it drew you into it and you tried to stop. You tried to turn around and go back home and it just drew you into it. It was a time of change. On Earth right now you are in a phenomenal time of change and there are groups and individuals who don't want to see the change. They fear it. It brings up remembrances of things like the Wall of Fire. It brings up remembrances of the downfall of Atlantis.

These groups, by the way, you'll notice, all have a very fundamentalist, religious facade to them. They use that as a way of saying that "God will get angry, God will get mad." They scream about the Pagans and those without spirituality, but yet they are in such deep fear themselves. They are fearing the change that is taking place, and the interesting thing is they tend to battle each other. They love to cause large scale disruption and they will continue doing that. It will actually intensify over this next year of time.

After the Quantum Leap, the way that these groups deal with each other is going to have to change. The old ways of the battling and the war and the killing has to change because the implications of it are going to be in the face of those who are terrorizing. And we're not just talking about terrorists as one element to the other, it could be an entire government. It could be a president. It could be anybody who's inflicting pain and killing and suffering on other groups. They are terrorists in our opinion. They might be leaders of great countries, but in our opinion they are still terrorists.

< Teacher 3QA > We see that these are not the real sources to worry about. There is the potential - and it is only a potential - for a type of dirty nuclear attack that could come up anywhere in the next... oh, we would say in the next two years but probably much closer to one year. This will not be carried on by any particular country. It will be carried on by a small group who is looking to try to force energies back into the old way. They are looking to hold on.

Now, why the type of bomb? Why killing? Because when this happens, what happens with most of the people? They go backwards. They retreat. If you want to see a new wave of conservatism throughout the world, simply have an event like this take place. Everybody will go back to their old positions, go back to more fundamentalist churches, fundamentalist governments. You're seeing it right now.