reality shifting


< Embodiment 5 > So, the energies of St. Germain are present with us today… helping you to become the true magicians… helping you to understand how transmutation works… helping you to understand that it is important to break out of your Old mindset and Old belief systems. Change that benchmark. That is what he had to do literally in his lifetime to understand how to transcend this thing called physical death. He had to change the benchmarks. He had to change the measurement system that he had for himself.

He had conducted many tests and many experiments having to do with reality and reality shifting. And, in his younger years he found so much of it difficult to do because he was using Old measurement systems. Like any good scientist knows, sometimes you have to change the criteria. You have to change the parameters before you can change the outcome, otherwise you tend to fall into a trap, repeating processes over and over again, thinking there is some sort of secret door, or trapdoor, or magical answer. There is. And, it is the measurement system. It's the Old benchmarks. Change those.