< (Next) 11 > I loved Poland and still love it. I spent a lot of time there, and in my last few years of solitude on this planet in physical body, I spent a lot of time in northern Germany and northern Poland. Why? Because of the land, of nature, of the energies there, I could commune with myself through nature. I also spent a lot of time there because I was distressed at what was taking place in these other realms - the interference. Angels can interfere! Don't be fooled that all angels are good.

< (Next) 11 > I want to say that we did a little … we had to do the polishing in Poland, the Polish polish I call it, last week - that was pretty funny, wasn't it? - because there was a lack of light there. Now, I'm not talking light versus dark. I'm not talking light as in your bulbs or even coming from the sun. I'm talking about one of the core things - not even energy, true light is not energy - in all creation.