< Clarity 2QA > The individual work you are doing within yourself is the most important thing. And, again it generates a type of energy, a potential that the others in your homeland can use if they choose. The land of Germany is steeped in history. And, it is a very strong country and a very proud country and a very smart and even a creative country. But, it has many deep wounds that go far, far back in time. In a sense, you could say in this land of Germany was an understanding of the full potential of human development. And, they allowed it to develop. They allowed great things to come.

But, then there was a type of backlash, a type of a feeling of guilt and shame for proceeding so quickly, a feeling that they were not worthy of these gifts, even though it could have been a tremendous blessing to share with the rest of the world. They actually allowed that Shiva destroyer energy to come in and destroy themselves. Germany was destroyed from within, not from the outside. And, the wounds are still great. And, there is still much shame there.

Can you let go of your own wounds and your own destroyer and your own shame first? Then, you will have a better understanding of what to do in this grand and glorious country. We do have to say that this country is still so grand and is waking up out of its deep slumber. You're going to find things moving very fast there. And, you're going to find that there are many who you would have thought would have laughed at you, that would have made fun of you for your heart, but that are now very open to it.

What we see there is a country who is still somewhat hiding under the blankets, who is still trying to disguise or protect themselves, but who now wants to come out and once again claim who they truly are. It is a country that we feel will have tremendous economic progress, even in difficult economic times. And, it is a country that has re-unified itself in many ways and set an example to the rest of the world. There are still, yes, many old wounds, and as you feel, much Old Energy. But, it is going fast. The grandest work you could do is to do it within yourself first. And, you are carrying all of its burdens on your shoulder. And, it is not serving you well.

< (Next) 11 > I loved Poland and still love it. I spent a lot of time there, and in my last few years of solitude on this planet in physical body, I spent a lot of time in northern Germany and northern Poland. Why? Because of the land, of nature, of the energies there, I could commune with myself through nature. I also spent a lot of time there because I was distressed at what was taking place in these other realms - the interference. Angels can interfere! Don't be fooled that all angels are good.