meld of science and spirit


< DivineHuman 6 > Let us talk for a moment about human cloning. We want you to take note of what is happening right now. We want you to keep a very open mind about it, for it is not necessarily what you or anyone else thinks. Do you find it interesting that it was a group of spiritual seekers (the Raelians) who were able to meld technology and science with spiritual arts? Yes, indeed, we know that they could do a better PR job! But there is even a plan behind it. You will see it unravel here in the weeks and months ahead. It took someone on the leading edge, on what normal humans would call the fringe edge, to develop this technology.

< DivineHuman 6 > The Raelians are indeed making contact in the outer realms. They are indeed making contact with the aliens. What they have not acknowledged yet is that the aliens are them from the past. Indeed, they are working with star seed. Indeed, they are working with very interesting energies in their experiments. Dear friends, it takes someone with a very open mind to break through the barriers. Perhaps they are considered a bit unbalanced, but it took that to go to this next level. It took the meld of spirit and science to make the leap. We can tell you now that they will be discounted and ridiculed in the scientific community and in the media.

< DivineHuman 6 > Let us talk about the philosophical issue of cloning. We know there is much controversy. There will continue to be controversy. The ones who will speak out against it are our dear friends, the conventional religious leaders. (audience laughter) They do not believe that you are God. They stand at the pulpit, and they do not believe that you are God. They do not believe in the meld of science and spirit, and the fact that you can create great things.