energy of Satan / seal of Satan

the third of the Seven Seals; the third chakra;
energy of duality; illusion of light and dark; energy of division;

< DivineHuman 12 > Dear friends, there is a Third Seal. And, yes - to the one who just asked - these do relate to the energies of the chakras. They do relate to the energy of the words in the scriptures, if you will study for a bit. Behind the Third Seal is the energy of Satan. It is within you, deeply embedded within you.

The energy of Satan is nothing more than duality, light and dark. It has been given its own power. But you know now power is an illusion. Satan has been given its own power, and its own identity, and its own place in juxtaposition with God, with Spirit.

Yes, indeed, the churches of today teach you that you have to choose God or Satan. They are essentially the same. They are essentially the same, all part of the same. But, it has been embedded within you, this sense of duality, that there is a split and a division.

There is a fear that has motivated you… and also sickened you… weakened you… killed you… a fear of falling into the hands of Satan. You have raced for the light. You have tried to find refuge in the light. But, Satan always seems to find you. You wonder where God is, and why God isn't there to bail you out, why Satan is always pulling, pulling at you.

The energy of Satan, as you know it today, is an illusion. There is no Satan, as the churches would have you believe. There is no choice between heaven and hell, light and dark. There was only duality.

You have also come to believe there is a Satan within you, a part of you that is so bad, so evil, that it should not be given the love from your heart, that it should not be given the life to exist. You have cut off part of yourself.

So, dear friends, with the love in your heart and the tears in your eyes, open the Third Seal of Satan to reveal that there was an illusion of duality, that energy is just energy, until you place a label on it. It is just energy of Spirit. Feel the dark forces who are in each corner of the room. Understand the game that they have played because you have asked them to.

Let no man, woman, or church ever tell you that Satan will get you. Let no man, woman, or church ever tell you there was a power opposite of Spirit. It is just energy. It is within you. You are the Creator. Gently allow the seal to open.