Mount Zion


< DivineHuman 12 > Approximately 2150 years ago, dear friends, this group, this exact group, bar none, sat together like this on a place called Mount Zion. Allow yourself to go inter-dimensional while staying in this Now moment. Stay in this Now moment but go inter-dimensional into the Expanded Now. Allow the energies from several thousands of years ago to come back in now. We sat together in a group like this before.

At that time, there were also angels in the Second Circle. And there were other humans and angels who were connecting energetically, telepathically just like the ones who are connecting with us online right now. They were connecting, whether it was from the Earth plane or the multi-dimensional planes. You were tuned in back then into one large loving matrix of energy.

< DivineHuman 12 > Breathe in and allow yourself to remember this parallel event 2150 years ago. You were the mystics. Some of you were priests and rabbis. You were Arabs and Jews, Africans, Asians. You see, a call had gone out from the grand house of Archangel Michael to gather on Mount Zion for a month of time for meditation and for prayer… for intense connecting to our side of the veil… for intense connecting to Earth… and intense connecting to a similar event sometime in the future (this gethering). You did not know the exact date, but you knew that you would gather together again to open something that had been closed for a long time, to change something that needed New Energy

< DivineHuman 12 > Others in the group were very much into the conspiracies, the conspiracy of the governments and the churches, many of which were true. But, you wanted to focus the energies of your gathering, of your conference back then on Mount Zion, on the conspiracies. Another group of you wanted to go off into the remote lands, thousands of miles away, to live there as a group, to sequester yourselves, to close yourselves in and simply hold the energy of Earth.

< DivineHuman 12 > Twenty months ago, sitting in this very room, we gave a channel that on a Sunday morning (at the first Crimson Circle School: Outside the Circle). This channel was a reflection of the words that were written some 2150 years ago by all of you right here, all of you who gathered on Mount Zion.

The essence of this channel were words that could not be spoken or written about (brief pause as Tobias gets very emotional) - a bit of emotion here - words that could not be spoken or written back then and can barely be spoken or written even now in this year of 2003. You would have been killed back then. Now, you will just be beat up a bit! (audience laughter)

Twenty months ago we channeled four simple words - YOU ARE GOD ALSO. Simple words. Yet they are the four most dynamic words of the New Energy.

< DivineHuman 12 > The Seven Seals, the energies that were embedded deep within you, can now be opened and released. Yes, if you study the scriptures, and the energies of the chakra system, you will see how this all relates. If you care to study the scriptures to learn more about Revelations, understand that some 2150 years ago when we met on Mount Zion, we did connect with the inter-dimensional energies. Look for the interpretations when they talk about the demons, and the horses, the warriors and all of the other symbols that are in the Revelations. Look back again on at this book, and you will understand indeed.