< NewEnergy 8 > When Myriam talked to Yeshua at the resurrection, she did it through her imagination… you see. They (the apostles) questioned her afterwards, and said, "Did you or did you not see Yeshua with your physical eyes?" And, she said, "It was not with my eyes, for they were closed… the light was so bright. I saw Yeshua with my heart." What she really said was, "I saw Yeshua in my imagination."

And, they said to her - when the apostles gathered - they said to her, "Did you hear the teacher with your ears?" And, she said, "My ears were ringing. They were vibrating, and the noise was so high and so beautiful that I could not hear his words through my ears. But, I heard his words in my imagination."

And, they said, "Did you touch the teacher?" And, she said, "No, he asked me not to. He asked me to imagine myself with him, loving him, sharing with him, as in the days when he was in physical body. But, he asked me not to touch him."

< Teacher 9 > The resurrection that allows you to spiral, to evolve into a new place of consciousness. Sometimes this resurrection - the change - can be challenging, overwhelming. But you know, there is a natural process taking place, and if you allow it to be, it will bring you - you will bring yourself - to this new level of consciousness and understanding.