Adolf Hitler


< NewEnergy 10QA > It was not that Yeshua and Myriam were married. There was - how to say - many reasons for this. One was that Yeshua had been previously married and did not choose to go that route again. The other was that this would have changed the relationship between the two of them and how they were perceived by others had they been married, for then - how to say - there were enough jealousies and misunderstandings in the first place. If they were married, this would have been very difficult for those who were close to Yeshua. They also had agreed - while there was so much love and honor between them - they were literally traveling in different directions so much of the time that it would have been so very, very difficult for them.

There were no children that were born into this couple for a variety of reasons. Generally those who - how to say - are manifestations of consciousness rather than individual soul entities do not have children. And, you can see this in the case of - how to say - some of the greats of your times… for instance, the one you called Hitler… great in terms of the awareness. So many of the others had not had children. It was felt that it was best not to do this. There are some difficult physics that would have to take place here in order for that to happen. So, we have to say that these two did not marry, did not have children in the reality that was lived out.

< Embodiment 11QA > Adolf Hitler, as we have said, is not a souled being. He does not exist in our realms. You could never find him here. He is a non-souled being, the creation of Hipuru or Jewish consciousness. And, he was created through the Jewish consciousness to help carry out a very fast and a very swift type of karma, a karma also related to Atlantis.