taking your body with


< Master 3 > You've had this series of physical deaths on Earth where you die - sometimes in great pain, sometimes you go right away - but you've left your body behind. In the New Energy it's not necessary. You take your body with, not that you need a body on the other side, but you take all of its energy components, all of the wisdom in the body contained in the flesh, which is just energy, and you bring it with you.

< Master 3 > So this connecting back into your body is important. If you choose ascension, you're going to take your body with you. It's a much better thing to do. Nothing worse than having your bones - you're old bones - buried in the ground. It's a sure way and a magnetic way of pulling you right back in. If you've got your bones in the ground and there's still energy in those bones, it's going to cause another incarnation. Actually, it's probably one of the greatest causes of reincarnation, even when the being doesn't want to reincarnate. Their body sucks them back in - that and jilted lovers. (laughter) Pulls them right back in.

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Q: For those of us who choose ascension and taking our bodies with us, are there things that we need to do to enable the body to move along? Or do we just choose it and allow it to happen?

WHITE EAGLE: We're going to hand that one back to you, because there are a few examples where once you're ready to ascend, you actually want your body with you. So you may have a different take on that.

ADAMUS: Absolutely. In ascension, there's total integration into the Body of Consciousness. That's not just a physical attribute, but it's the mind, the body, the spirit, the aspects, the barking dogs and all the rest of them that join together. Then in that ascension, when you basically leave this living planet, leave the physical body, the physical body actually accompanies you.

It can be done in one of two ways. It can literally disintegrate. It can go with you into the other dimension, as I did, as many of the other Ascended Masters did. We don't want to leave our bones behind. You know, don't litter the Earth. You know, bring it with you.

At other times, some of the Ascended Masters, the physical biology stayed, but they brought all of the attributes of their biology with them. Why? Well, because it was part of your experience. It remains forever in the essence or the memory of your soul. Because being in physical reality is amazing. You can have sex and eat food and drink wine and feel the air and take a shower, touch another person, do all of these other things in the physical body. Why would you not want to at least bring the attributes?

And those who are truly integrated and choosing will also bring the flesh and the bones. Not so that they can literally create them, but just the illusion of their reality disappears and with it all of the ingredients that went along with it.

< Discovery 4 > More important than even his Ascension [physical death]  … because, you see, some of the disciples at the time thought they were just hallucinating, you know, having visions or whatever. Drank some bad wine and suddenly Jesus appears. Some of you have had that. But he felt the true manifestation that “I live” was impregnating Mary Magdalene after he left. That that would be the proof that life does continue, that you can ascend with your body, that it's not just an apparition, a vision of the disciples on the road suddenly seeing Yeshua. But, “I will make this child with Mary and then you will see that life goes on. Then you will see that you can take your body with you.”