Free Time


< Transhuman 9 > Free Time means it's not ordered the same way. It's not incremental. Free Time is very real. Now, a scientist or mathematician would argue all day long that you're making it up. Actually, the real answer to that is “All this is make up.” All this is being made up. It's just that people tend to believe that there is just one form of time. The reality is time does not exist at all. It doesn't. Time is really kind of a structure or a measurement system, but in a way it doesn't really exist. You can't go off in the universe and find time – the Time Planet or the Time Portal. It doesn't. It's kind of a human agreement. It's become real because of that agreement, but they forget to tell you it's flexible.

< Transhuman 9 > The mind remembers the past in its incremental fashion. When you come back in a Free Time kind of pass around it, an orbit around it, it's going to be different, but it will bring up recollections, associations, thoughts. Don't get all crazy. Don't start asking, “Oh, I thought I released all that a long time ago.” You released the gravity of it, and the event is still occurring right now. The event is still occurring. It didn't happen back in Incremental Time and then stop. It's very outrageous. It's still happening. Everything still has its life to it, and it goes on. It's a story that kind of takes off on its own and it's being lived out in many levels, and you don't have to attend to it. You don't have to suffer through it, but your stories – it's like writing a chapter in a book and then – shwww! – letting it go, and that chapter continues to write itself and all of its other potentials and all of its other iterations. It lives on.

< Transhuman 9 > Free Time, it's outrageous. It's wonderful. One thing you'll start noticing with Free Time is that this whole concept of time and, let's say, of the past and future are really predicated on experience. Experience. And, in a way, there is no past or there's no future, in a way. What there is is an unfolding of experience. One could say that nothing happens in the future until it has been experienced, but yet the future is always there. It's actually not realized until it is experienced, but yet it is there. Everything you're going to do in the future is there. Every potential of everything and every iteration of every potential of everything that you could ever experience, that you would ever say, that you would ever do was all there when you went through the Wall of Fire, when you left Home. That was the thing Tobias talks about, shattering into billions and billions of pieces; it was just pre-creating all of your experiences. And so many are still out there in what you would call the future, but the future is nothing more than a reservoir of potentials and all their iterations yet to be experienced.

< Transhuman 9 > This is more than outrageous. This is totally outrageous, talking about things like Free Time and Free Energy. Observe how they are very related. We'll go into it later, I don't want to get into too much lecture today, but Free Energy, what I used to call neutral energy. It hadn't been activated. Now, your body has become dependent on activated, biased energy, positive and negative. That's how it operates. That's how the blood keeps flowing and how all the enzymes work. They are constantly in a flow of various ratios of positive or negative energy.