Free Energy


< Transhuman 9 > You've got your consciousness, I Am, I Exist. From that comes such a passion. A passion. You know, when you really allow that feeling – “I Exist! Screw everything else.” I mean, not “I exist because… I exist if…” “I Exist.” It's the only thing that matter. It's the only awareness that's worth a damn. And when you really realize that, there comes such a passion. “I Exist!! Beyond the physical body, beyond all the crap, beyond my identity, I Exist!” That creates such a passion, an excitement – love is not quite the right word, but such an “Ahhh! Magnificence. I Exist” – that a light goes out. I mean, radiates forth, not goes out, but radiates forth. A light shines forth, and I'm talking metaphorically, but a light shines forth and that goes out into what you'd call a reservoir, a field of energy and attracts that energy, activates that energy and then it creates reality.

< Transhuman 9 > The passion of the I Am, of your soul – just right now your soul is still in its timeless excitement about “I Exist.” I mean, it's still resonating. Let's say, from a time standpoint your soul realized a long time ago, “I Exist!! Not beholden to anyone or anything. I exist and I always will.” And then it just started resonating within the I Am. It still is right now, and that's still creating a radiance of light that's going through all sorts of dimensions attracting energy and creating reality. This.

< Transhuman 9 > Now, when that happens, when this light shines forth and when, basically, you on the other end of your soul – you know, you've got all this light going out, you're kind of the reflection, the other end of your soul – and your reality is being created by activating what I would call negative and positive particles of energy. The light goes out and, based on you, the receiver down here and the way you are experiencing, you're going to attract different ratios of positive and negative energy particles. Life has always been like that. Human life has always been like that. It would seem outrageous to do something different. Right now, there are a stream of negative and positive – or plus and minus, however you want to say it – particles coming into you and emanating or radiating out from you.

< Transhuman 9 > Just imagine for a moment this stream of energy, activated to a positive or a minus – kind of like software is either a zero or a one, energy is the same; it's kind of digital in a way – streaming into you as positive or negative, and at the same time you're streaming it out from you. That's creating reality. That's the way it's always worked with energy. That's how things come about. You also know that one of the biggest challenges for humans and other beings is they're always trying to steal energy. They're trying to steal energy, because nobody's really come – well, very few – have come to the realization that it's all here. It's all here. You don't have to steal from anybody else. It's all here.

< Transhuman 9 > So, what is outrageous is no longer having to rely on the positive and the negative particles of energy. That's really outrageous, because even quantum physics would say, “Well then you die or everything ceases to exist, because you've got to have that.” But you don't. You don't. There is a thing called Free Energy. It is energy that is always there, that is not activated to a positive or a negative. It is an energy without any bias. It is unseen, invisible energy, because nobody has the tools to measure it. You cannot measure it. It has no force to it. It has no propulsion to it. It has no dynamic to it. It is not a force energy. There is no power to it.

< Transhuman 9 > However, as embodied Masters, you don't have to rely on that anymore. That's outrageous. That will defy every lifetime of living on this planet. It will defy not only science, but it will defy everything that you knew to be about energy and how it works. You're so attuned to opposites – masculine, feminine, light, dark, up, down – that this will absolutely be outrageous. Free Energy. So, if you're approaching it with a typical consciousness you would say to yourself, “I don't feel anything.” Well, hell yeah, you won't. But you will sense something. Something sooner or later will start ringing within you going, “I get it. I don't have to have the conflict or even the old relationship of positive energy particles and negative smashing each other, competing with each other.” That's the friction-made reality. The friction-caused life. Life is friction. This planet is no place for a Master when they're dealing with friction energy, with power energy.

< Transhuman 9 > Free Energy. This is going to be so outrageous because you've been living, you've been addicted to positive-negative energy, pulling it in in different ratios. Sometimes you've got like 62 percent negative – not bad negative, just negative, you know – 62 percent negative over here and the other part is positive, and the ratios shift back and forth all the time but it's this constant inflow and outflow of activated energy. Activated meaning it's put into a bias of positive or negative. We don't need to do that, and it's so outrageous because nobody's ever done that on Earth before. Nobody's ever done that.

< Transhuman 9 > This is more than outrageous. This is totally outrageous, talking about things like Free Time and Free Energy. Observe how they are very related. We'll go into it later, I don't want to get into too much lecture today, but Free Energy, what I used to call neutral energy. It hadn't been activated. Now, your body has become dependent on activated, biased energy, positive and negative. That's how it operates. That's how the blood keeps flowing and how all the enzymes work. They are constantly in a flow of various ratios of positive or negative energy.

< Transhuman 9 > We talked about Isis and Adam, the masculine and feminine, the old separation. We talked about them coming back together. In a way, it's kind of like this with Free Energy. That positive and negative energy. But what if your body started to use Free Energy, unbiased, never ever separated before. Energy that is not separated, divided. Free Energy. Energy that has no power to it. I also like to call Free Energy the Forceless Energy. And what if now, pure energy that's never been separated or divided – you could say it comes straight from the passion of the I Am without division – what if that comes into the mind and the thoughts and the beliefs and even your intellect? Pure Free Energy.