expansional energy

an attribute of New Energy;

< Teacher 10 > Now the spiral (of human consciousness), in a sense, is still there, but it has transformed itself into an energy that you cannot possibly draw in any type of recognizable symbol. The energy of the old consciousness was spiral. The new consciousness is expansional. How can you draw expansional? Because it not only expands outwards, it not only expands inwards, it expands in every different direction, going into and coming back from every different dimension. So literally, literally, creator thoughts (your thoughts), creator ideas can be shot out of this dimension into another type of dimension, into the non-defined, going out of obvious recognition, and then finding their way back. Expansional energy, by the way, always finds its way back to you, to zero point, to the Now.

< Teacher 10 > Expansional energy originates in the Now. New Energy originates in the Now. It is shot out, blasted, exploded into the undefinable, into all sorts of other dimensions, sub-zero dimensions, negative dimensions - that do exist, by the way. Not just positive dimensions. There's not just positive numbers, there's negative numbers. Not only positive and negative dimensions but ... there are absolutely no words for it. There are what we're going to call unpredictable dimensions.

< Teacher 10 > Anything, any desire, any what you would call creative thought can be shot out of the Now into these other dimensions to the point that it appears that none of these exist anymore. You've lost your idea, you've lost your thought and as a human you may get frustrated. But what's happening is they're out. They are wandering, but not only wandering, they are zooming off to collect the energies, to collect the information, to collect the support, to come right back into the Now moment for you. It's kind of a boomerang effect. You throw it out there, it will come back - and when it comes back, it will look and feel different. It will tie into the energy of your gnost, your solution, and then the trick is making sure that you comprehend it. It's come back - all of the energies, the answers, have come back to the Now - but now you've got to recognize it. You've got to activate it.

< Returning 7 > New Energy isn't vibrational. New Energy is expansional - this goes back to Shaumbra 101, old stuff for some of you, but new to some of the others - and this New Energy it doesn't need an opposing force to know itself. It doesn't need the reflection of itself with a mirror image. It doesn't need something to bounce itself off of. It is expansional because it flows out gracefully, and it flows in at the same time. It is so different than the old vibrational energy that it's hard to recognize.