numbers alignment


< Ascension 7QA > You are seeing symbols of alignment, whether it is numbers or words or vibrations. You are seeing things beginning to line up. It is, in a sense, a way of your own divinity letting you know that you are on the right path, that you are making appropriate progress. But, also sometimes within the specific numbers are little reminders. You could say they are reminders that you placed along the way for yourself.

When you see the number "two," for instance, it represents duality. When you see the number "four," it represents moving into the new consciousness. When you see the numbers "one and one," it represents duality once again, but shown in a different way. These are all little awarenesses that you are coming to. You, in a sense, placed them there as a reminder that you are coming into new awarenesses.

This will be a common occurrence, seeing numbers that come together. And, again it is a reminder. It is a reminder you have placed there. It is not Spirit trying to tell you anything. When Spirit wants to tell you something, there will be no uncertain doubt that it is coming from Spirit. You wonder sometimes… you say, "Is Spirit trying to tell me this? Are the angels trying to tell me this? Is Tobias?" Oh, you will know in no uncertain way when we are ready to tell you something. Look at it from the standpoint of what you are trying to say to yourself.

< Teacher 12 > Today indeed is a triple seven number (July 7, 2007). Now the numbers don't cause you to do things. The numbers don't create your reality. Take a look at it the other way. You create your reality and then the synchronicity or the alignment of the energies just happens to be there.

So here we have a triple seven day. The triple seven has a significance - energy and a numerological significance - for all of you. It is like you have planted the tool or the gift in your path before you ever got there, knowing that you had the potential for alignment and change in your own life at that time. And then when you get to that point, as you have on this date of 7-7-7, then it opens up or unleashes a wonderful new, potent form of consciousness for you. In a way you could say you knew that you were going to get to this point. Now that you have arrived, you can have your own gift that you have given.

< Teacher 12 > You know when numbers align like the 9-9, 4-4, like 33, 11 - all of these alignments are also a type of wink or nod from your spirit to you, letting you know that you are recognizing the alignments and the synchronicities in your life. When you see this type of numerological alignment, you can just smile to yourself knowing that you're truly in line with yourself. You are fulfilling your own passion here on Earth. You are following the path of the highest potentials that you have chosen. Other humans may not even recognize things like the alignment of these numbers, or it may appear to them to be sheer coincidence with no underlying energetic meaning. But you know that there is distinctive meaning in this. So watch for this continual alignment.

< Teacher 12 > Alignment, by the way, I want to mention here today this number that's written into the holy book, the 6-6-6. It is considered by some to be the evil number, but the 6-6-6 is the perfect alignment of completion, each 6 representing an important aspect of you - the body, the mind and the spirit. When these come into full alignment, it signifies a completion, an end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new. It's not an evil number at all, unless of course you're trying to control people; unless of course you fear yourself and your own evolvement, and you fear your own consciousness. Then, yes, if you see this "Mark of the Beast," as it is called, you will go into fear because you are fearing the beast that is within you.

But if you see the alignment of these three numbers and you are in a place of your own balance, you are being real and true with yourself, you will see this as the perfect alignment to move to the next level. Much as when you see the triple seven or any of these very interesting different numerological alignments.

< Master 3 > There are some significant interesting things about that date, because of that alignment of numbers. What it says is energy moves through the numbers and the mathematics in a different way than if they aren't aligned. But ultimately, numbers aren't fact anymore either.