< DivineHuman 1QA > Now, this thing you call "meltdown." In a sense, what you are literally doing during these fast, and furious, and intense processes you are going through is you are, in a way, vibrationally melting away old attributes, old barriers, old forms of consciousness around you. It is exhausting on your system, mentally, physically, spiritually. But, you are quickly melting away old layers. You are beginning to sense the light at the end of the tunnel. And, no, it is not a train. It is your divinity. As you sense this, you want to speed up. You want to go faster. You can really begin to feel this approaching. So, those final layers that are still around… you are trying to melt through and burn through quickly. That is what is happening.

Now, when you go through these, don't try to fight them. We will add one very simple and one very effective suggestion for all of you, for all Shaumbra. When you really feel these periods of distress and what you call meltdown, take a bath. Take a bath. Use some sea salts in the bath. They do help pull out some of the old energies. They do help this. Breathe deeply. And, dear friends, eat a chocolate chip cookie! (audience laughter) There is more to that than simply the humor behind it. It does two things. You are giving yourself a treat. And, there is a very potent vibration in the chocolate itself. Chocolate does help soothe the ascension symptoms!