taking it for granted; trusting;

< freedom 9 > How to Live – this ties into enlightenment. The word is “assume.” Assume. What you do is you assume – stop questioning and doubting, you assume – that if you've chosen enlightenment, you've made a clear choice, you just assume that everything is serving that. Everything, everything. No "buts."

< freedom 9 > You've made a clear choice for embodied enlightenment. And when you make that clear choices, then and only then can what you call your divinity, your I Am, join you. Because when you're not sure, it stays away. There is an illusion of separation between you and yourself. You create this barrier. So what you would call your true I Am, your spirit, kind of stays away and watches. Watches. Once you make that very clear choice, no buts, and you just assume blindly, naïvely, stupidly. You have to almost be so stupid with yourself. You just assume that's what's happening.

< freedom 9 > But when doubt comes in, in the way of an aspect – big doubt comes in – and it starts to overshadow. (Adamus write a question mark to represent doubt on one of the plates and holds it in front of the I Am plate) And it starts to draw energy to it, and suddenly the energy that should be going to this beautiful enlightenment, suddenly gets distracted over to the huge doubt. However, if you just blindly assume, it goes like that again. (the I Am plate moves in front of the Doubt plate)

But then, of course, things happen. (he writes question marks on more plates) You have people in your life, you have situations that come up, and then you start to doubt again. (Doubt plates again overshadow the I Am plate) And it starts to take the energy, and it starts to cover up your, let's say, your purity. And now you get all discombobulated. The energy's going everywhere, but to you. It's all getting tied up in the doubts.

< freedom 9 > So what do you do? You just dumb down. No "buts." You just go back to the clarity. You assume naïvely, blindly, but that's hard to do, because you say, “Well, if I just assume, what if I get blindsided?” Well, you just assume (a) you're not going to; and (b) if you do, it's actually a huge gift. You see, all these doubts that come in, they're coming from everywhere. They're coming from aspects and guilt. So what do you do? You take a deep breath, that naïve breath, and you just assume. You assume, dear God, that – I mean I'm calling you God – you assume that if you've chosen embodied enlightenment, that's all that's going to happen.