beyond time and space


< e2012 5 > In this whole analogy, the tube that you have is existing within time and space. Time and space make this tube the reality. It keeps it held in there. It keeps you held in there. So as you attract more and more energies with less and less doubt, it will start blowing away the whole concept of time and space. Time and space are brilliant creations, up to a point. There comes a point when you get off of them. As I said before, you start looking into the layers and levels, and suddenly you're not using time and space as the measurement devices and as the devices that hold you into this reality. You start expanding out of them.

< e2012 5 > Doubt will put the time and space equation back into your reality. Doubt gets you right back into time and space. It sounds romantic to get beyond them. It's actually a little bit frightening. As a matter of fact, it can be terrifying to go beyond time and space, because suddenly your tube doesn't exist anymore or the tube no longer has the characteristics that you've always thought it had from looking within. Suddenly, it's expanding. Suddenly, it's not on a linear path; it's flowing in a lot of different ways. Suddenly, you're not bound to or contracted into this reality like you were before.

< e2012 5 > It's one of the things that the Ascended Masters had a particular difficult time with – no pun intended – but they had difficulty with this whole concept of going beyond time and space. So you want more consciousness, you want more energy and all the rest of these things, but they are not going to fit into this tube. This tube is defined by time and space and a certain energy equation. We're going to go beyond that.

< e2012 6 > What holds this tube into place, what's keeping it a tube is time and space and belief systems. But primarily time and space. It's keeping that tube a tube. It's keeping the illusion for all of you that it's there. That's kind of what life is like. You're held into place by time and space. Some other factors as well, but those are the primary ones. So in order to expand beyond this tube, it's about releasing time and space. Not destroying it, not denying it, but releasing its tight grip. That is challenging, because it's so dense. You're so bought into it. You wear the watches. You are in physical form. You're a part, a product of time and space.

< e2012 6 > So we're going to expand beyond the tube, beyond these forces of time and space. Stop for a moment. But what would life be without time? Good – up to the point you got out of bed in the morning, because everybody else is operating in it, and they don't like when you're late for appointments. They don't like when your essence shows up from the future into their reality now, and that's really what happens. You suddenly become so expansive time really doesn't matter.

< e2012 6 > That's really what it is – the freedom to be in time or space, the freedom to go beyond it. Freedom to choose any energies any time you want. What is time? Just a measurement. What is space? Just a focal point. So beyond measuring, beyond focusing. The divine, the soul, it is timeless; it is spaceless. It is truly free. By doing expanding outside of the tube, you can start experiencing yourself as your soul. Going beyond experiencing yourself as just a human. And we do this simple “take a deep breath” … when we do this simple exercise, it allows you to really feel as the soul feels.

< e2012 6 > This soul self, ah, it soars like a bird. It has simplicity, elegance. It's not trapped in any tube or any cage. It knows no time. It knows no space. It knows only itself, only its own love. And when you let yourself expand outside the tube, you start to understand yourself, your soul. What a great concept to be able to live in the tube, experience in this gift wrap tube when you want, be able to be outside of it when you want, or both simultaneously. That's true expansion – both simultaneously.