House of Awakening


< Returning 2 > So in our gathering in Hamburg we talked about a new place that is being constructed, being built right now in a dimension just a breath away. As a matter of fact in a dimension that is so close to Earth, so close that if it came any closer, it would be material. It would be physical, like what you have. There are so many humans awakening right now that need a place, a safe place, that need a center, as you might call it. We tend to call it - any time there is a configuration of energy for a specific purpose, we call it a House. Now, you call the thing you live in a house, but in the angelic realms we call any congruence of energy and consciousness a House.

< Returning 2 > You have the House of Sananda, for instance. The House of Micha-el. These are type of spiritual centers or gathering places. There are many, many, many all across the dimensions, but now you are creating a House - a House of Awakening - so close to Earth but not yet quite manifested in physical. You're building it, not for yourselves. You have truly gone beyond that. Truly. You are building it for those who are awakening. And all across the world there are millions and millions and millions who are going through their awakening.

< Returning 2 > We've talked about it before. They need a place that is very closely associated with the energies of Earth. Why? Because when they go way out into the other realms during their sleep state, during their dream world, they have a hard time bringing any of that energy or consciousness back to Earth. When they go out at night, they wander off into the other realms and then they forget when they bring it back. You know what that's like. You've gotten much better about bringing that essence back in with you now. I know you complain about your sleep state being disrupted, but part of the reason why is you're bringing back packets of this essence from the grander picture of things.

< Returning 2 > So you as Shaumbra, over the past few years, have been working together with other beings, physical and nonphysical, to create this house of awakening. It is a place now where very shortly humans all across the world will be able to go to. So close to the energetic construction of Earth, so close that even when they are in their fully conscious state as a human on Earth, they can bring back in this information, this type of healing, this integration.

< Returning 2 > Your energy is in it and very much a part. And before we actually depart, I'd like to point out a few things. This is a place that imagination and consciousness built. This is a place that desire and love built. This is a place where all of you said, "Through the experiences I have gone through on Earth in my lifetime, I want others to be able to benefit." You've added your energy to the construction and the design and the energetic operation of this place. You are part of this. You said that you wanted other humans to have their awakening be smoother, to have their self-discovery of the I Am not have as many dead ends, dark alleys and demons and monsters. So you've helped to create this place. You've said you didn't want those who are awakening to go through the physical trauma that some of you had, and especially the mental trauma, so you've helped to create this place.

< Returning 2 > It will open, officially, exactly one year after the Quantum Leap. It will open on September 19th. Right now the final… now, this is very real, Shaumbra, and you have a hard time sometimes separating what you call real from imagination. But they are the same things. They just have different qualities if it's here in physical Earth versus non-physical. But it is very, very real.

< Returning 2 > They also begin to understand that the future is not destiny. Most humans right now believe that the future is destined and they have very little to say about it. They believe - even what you would call some of the enlightened beings, some of the great philosophers and writers of your time - believe that the future has already been semi-created. They believe that there is a path that's already been created for them, or perhaps that they had already created, and it's not. In this House of Awakening they'll start to understand that the future is nothing but potential and the potentials are things they are imagining.