< Teacher 4 > Initiation ... initiation that we talked about this summer was a beautiful simple ceremony with yourself in yourself. The initiation was about acknowledging who you are, remembering why you came here, and that acknowledging that you are going to allow yourself to move out of the old consciousness and into the new. Yes we know you have affirmed yourself over and over that you're willing to do this. You have gone through many difficulties, trials and tribulations, to get to this point. But there are times where it is important to go back and to remember, to affirm, to bring back in the core energies that brought you here in the first place, the core energies that said I will be here on Earth at this grandest time of evolution.

< Teacher 4 > We talked about becoming initiated, and this is a personal choice, a personal decision. Are you willing to go to the next level and the next step or do you want to stay behind? It doesn't matter, because sooner or later your soul and all of its aspects will evolve. It doesn't matter. It's not that you're going to get left behind. It just is a question about do you choose to move through now or do you choose to move through later.