aspectations of enlightenment

enlightenment aspects;

< freedom 10 > You have created the aspects, sent out there in your search for enlightenment. You created them a long time ago in past lives, but a lot of them really brought forth into this lifetime. You've created not just one, not just two, but dozens of enlightenment aspects. So I will call these aspects of your expectation of being spiritual, of being enlightened, of being a Master, I'll call them aspectations. You have expectations, you have aspectations of enlightenment. These are literal aspects, many of them, and the interesting thing is they're not all in unison with each other. They're not all in harmony with each other. They are fighting with each other and battling. You have these aspectations of enlightenment. I would like you to become aware of it.

< freedom 10 > Now the danger in that, or the difficulty in that, is you're going to delve into it, into these aspects, and feeling them, and Aandrah knows exactly what happens. They come in and they try to draw you into them, making you think you are them. So observe from a distance. Observe from a place of neutrality. Don't get involved in their stuff. Don't get involved at all. Just observe how they work. Yes, they are parts of you, absolutely. But you can observe them and see how all these aspectations – your expectations of enlightenment – are lingering around out there.

< freedom 10 > Now, what we're going to do, what you're going to do is integrate all of them. You're going to integrate all of them, not by force, not by intellect. You're going to integrate them by taking a good deep breath into the I Am. You take a good deep breath into you, into your truth, into the love of yourself. The way to integrate aspects is by loving yourself.

< freedom 10 > I bring it up now because, especially as we go forward into our Discovery Series, we don't want all those lingering around. We want you to be able to (a) identify them, see how they work on you; (b) to integrate them by loving yourself; and (c) using the dynamics of all those aspects, because they have been serving you. They've been searching for variations of the truth. They've been searching into different potentials for you, and all that energy comes and serves you.