mental era


< e2012 1> Humanity is going through a tremendous evolution of going out of the mental era that it's in been in for a long time. It's arguable, but you could say anywhere from about 800 years to 2,000 years in a very mental era. It's going beyond that, and as you know from your own personal experience, it's a tough one. How do you get out of your own mind? How do you go beyond the mind, the very thing that's controlling and managing and consuming energy, the very unit that is demanding and consuming huge volumes of energy, the mind? Not the body, the mind.

< e2012 3 > It's a mental era. It is the pinnacle of Atlantean mental activity. The pinnacle of that activity didn't happen in Atlantis; it's happening here right now. Things have gone mental, very little creativity, very little vision. Everything is in the mind. The mind is wonderful up to a point, but it's very limited. Very, very limited.

You have a very mental network, and a mental network - consciousness network - stays into itself. It is incestuous, and you know what happens in the case of incest. It eventually causes a lot of disturbing patterns. Why? Because it wants to blow itself up eventually, can't stand to be in that confined type of network. You've got a very mental mass consciousness network going on. Something's got to get it out of there or it will either blow up or implode, one of the two. Can't go on like it is.

That is what's happening with you personally right now. You're getting out of your mind network, and it's hell, because you're trying to do it from your mind network. And it won't work. The outside influence has to come from somewhere else. It's your divine intelligence. It's your You. It's your I Am. You can't think your way into enlightenment. You can't think your way out of your mind at all.

< e2012 9 > You are in a very delicate, beautiful, but very fragile state of being. You're transitioning from human to divine human. You're transitioning out of the mental era, the mind era, of yourself, into now a creative-mental-divine. Things are being released from your life. New things, unexpected things are coming in. Very, very fragile time. It's good that you can laugh. It's delightful that you can laugh.

< e2012 12 > Atlantis was a time of mental, the development of the mind, the standardizing of ourselves as human beings on this planet that we love so much. It was a time to think, it was a time to structure, it was a time to design, and that we did. We designed the entire template of the human that we now see on the planet. And in Atlantis we also envisioned a time where we would step over that line of the mental – the mental that kept us in place, held us together, brought us together, allowed us to see our world through mental and human eyes. But we said to ourselves, “There will come a time when we cross that line, when we go beyond the mental era, when we go into the next era of New Energy,” and here we are.

< Discovery 8 > What you're seeing is, first of all, we're moving outside of the mental era that's been around for a long, long time. This planet is moving outside of the mental. But there's so much intensity and pressure, and people don't understand what their thoughts are. In other words, where a thought comes from. They don't understand the true feeling and true essence. So they're going out of their minds.