burial / cremation


< e2012 5 > It always amazes me that people bury other people in the ground. I never did quite understand that, from an energetic standpoint – first of all, from a pollution standpoint, a real estate standpoint – but from an energetic standpoint. Let's say that you crossed over tomorrow and they placed your bones in the ground. There is an energy that stays there, that doesn't go along with you.

I guess for those who are preparing to come back right away, that might be a good thing. They think they can reconnect with their old dead bones. They don't, because that's not really your next incarnation's energy anyway. As I talked about before, you're not your past lives. It's like a cousin. But let's say that your bones are in the ground, there's a part of your energy, so when you get to the other side, it's not all with you. You're still connected. You still have an anchor point into Earth.

Well, yeah, you're on the other side. You're doing whatever you do. You're doing past life reviews, which are kind of boring. You're going to the New Earth, which is phenomenal. Part of you is still not there. I've always preferred the cremation or burial by fire. Why? It's a transmutation. It releases the energy. It gets it all back down to the natural state. It literally transmutes, burns out your old energy.

< e2012 5 > Now, do you feel it on the other side? Let's say you've gone to the other side, now they're about to put your old dead body into that fireplace. Are you going to feel it on the other side? Yes, you do! Suddenly he starts to feel a little warm, a little hot under the collar. Not bad, not like he's burning, but just a little sweaty, like he's just eaten a lot of jalapeños. And he realizes suddenly, “Oh! This is when they're putting the body (into fire)” It's true! He still has some connection with the body, still feeling. Not painful at all, just a feeling of warm. It passes very quickly. And then he suddenly realizes, “Ah! I am completed there. It's done with. It's over with.”

< e2012 7 > The reason why I bring up death, it's … there's a big death cloud all around Earth right now. It's all around Earth. It is an issue in mass consciousness. Probably the most prevalent issue in mass consciousness. Why? Fear. Many of the countries in the world having an aging population, you're starting to think more about death than when you have in the past. Fear, end of the world type of scenarios, and what's also happening is a lot of the beings who were buried in the ground …

You bury somebody in the ground, a lot of their energy stays there. It makes it more difficult for them to incarnate, although they do, and then it's really a mix-up. It makes it more difficult for Earth, who you are now inheriting from Gaia, to manage and handle all the energies. It is truly environmental litter. It is truly a pollution – energy pollution – when you have all of these buried bodies in the ground. But they're coming up right now, a lot of them.