physical exercise


< Creator 8QA > You are going through cycles of change in your biology, as well as in your emotional being. At times theses cycles seem very fast and intense. There is no need to direct these energies. However, if you want them to be somewhat smoother and gentler on your system, we suggest physical exercise. Do not attempt to direct these energies through your mind. The surges of energy are natural and appropriate, and your divinity knows how to direct them. Simply understand you are going through the cycles of change.

< Teacher 7QA > And what you have right now is a situation - you make a choice to let them go. Energy is going to start moving. You can facilitate the smooth and graceful movement of energy with breathing - regular breathing. You can facilitate the smooth movement of energy out of your consciousness and out of your body through what I would call light exercise. Something like walking, something like yoga - simply doing something that moves the body. By the way, any time any of you get stuck with anything, any issues, anything, do something physical to express movement and to get energy moving in your body. If you want to move energy - not a hard workout, but a light one - this will allow all of these things to now flow out of your body.