kharisma / charisma

The Kharisma is the grace from within.  the light within;  the radiance of consciousness/the I Am; 
The Kharisma is that natural really authentic you, sans the personality that's not you, coming forth. 
It's the real you. It's the I Am in expression.  The natural state of I Am is Kharisma.

< kharisma 1 > And what this is about with Kaikho and with love of Self and with allowing and releasing and everything else we're doing with coming into the light body, this is about a very important word – charisma. Charisma. And I'd like to call this the Charisma Series. Yeah. But we're going to spell it with a “k.” You can go ahead and write … no, write it like that first, Linda, and then underneath write it with a “K” instead of a “C.”

< kharisma 1 > Kharisma comes from the Greek word “Kharis.” Kharis meaning to give in grace. Give in grace. Graceful giving. The Kharisma is the grace from within. The Kharisma is that natural really authentic you, sans the personality that's not you, coming forth. It's the real you. It's the I Am in expression. Kharisma. It's there. It's already within you. It's already inside just ready to come out. It's the authentic you, the one you keep asking yourself about. You keep saying, “Well, am I being authentic?” Well, no. Actually, you weren't. So back away so that your authenticity can come out, so that the real you can come out.

< kharisma 1 > You don't need to do anything other than let that Kharisma come out. It's already there. You don't need to activate it. You don't have to water it. You don't have to do anything to it, and that's going to be the challenge. You're going to want to do something. You're going to say, your personality is going to say, “Well, shit, I've got to do something with my Kharisma. I need to develop it. I have to breathe into it.” No, nothing other than letting it come through. So allowing was correct. It's the Allowing Series, as well, but it's one of the things you do. Kharisma is that, what you would call, that light within you. But I don't even want to call it a light. Kharisma is the I Am in expression.

< kharisma 1 > Kharisma is the natural Self coming forth. The interesting thing about Kharisma, it's already there if you just let it come out. You're not going to be able to identify its attributes, all the different things. Kharisma is the true attractant. The true attractant. There are books that have been written about Law of Attraction. Kharisma – if you get down to the real definition – it is the gift of grace that one gives to themselves first, and it's naturally given to others. Kharisma is the authentic. It's the I Am. It doesn't need personality. It doesn't need to identify itself. Kharisma does not need plans and programs and goals. It doesn't. The human needs goals just to occupy themselves and to make themselves feel better about achieving a goal. The Kharisma doesn't need that.

< kharisma 1 > The natural state of I Am is Kharisma. It flows on its own, my friends. There's no controlling it. There's no putting it in neat little boxes. It's expression. Kharisma naturally never feels unsafe. The personality – your personality – has felt unsafe many times. The Kharisma is never unsafe. It's not trying to protect a body or an identity, so how could it be unsafe. Kharisma is like a radiance. It's not in the mind at all. If you're trying to think about your Kharisma, it's going to be a little confusing. The mind can't understand it.

< kharisma 1 > Kharisma has no aspects, nor will it ever let itself have aspects. Kharisma doesn't care about things spiritual, financial, any of that. Kharisma floats, soars, expands, dances. It has no tolerance for things that are not authentic. It cannot be trapped nor controlled nor worked on nor wounded. It's best and perhaps only friend is Kaikho. Kaikho lives right next door to Kharisma. They understand each other, because they're both undefined, unstructured and uninhibited. Kharisma, Kaikho, passion. The clarity and the grace. Just let this, your Kharisma, shine through, come above everything you've identified yourself with up to now – every thought, every personality trait, every failure and every accomplishment.

< kharisma 1 > Let Kharisma rise to the surface and come above. If you just leave yourself to be free – you'll start to understand who you really are. Kharisma is the free personality, the free I Am. It's the attractant, the magnet, the magnetism, and it brings things to you. Not because you think it, not because you struggle or stress for it, not because you mentally focus on it. It brings it so naturally, with such ease and grace, that it'll be a bit of a shock at first. It'll bring people. It'll bring opportunities. It will bring angelic beings. It will bring beings of the Earth – the devas, the fairies. Because you're finally being authentic. You're finally letting yourself be free.

< kharisma 6 > We're going to really let that residue get cleaned off, and then we're going to let that kharisma shine, that light shine. That light that's in you right now, but you're kind of holding back, not quite sure what that light is. Not quite sure if you're ready to let it out. I'll tell you this: if you don't let it out this year, I mean, now, right now, it's going to get so uncomfortable. It's going to be miserable. It's time to shine your light. It's time to let that kharisma come out, otherwise, your body's going to ache and your mind's going to get all messed up, like it already is. And it's just going to be miserable, and then you'll finally let the light out and then you'll say, “Why didn't you tell me that sooner?”

< kharisma 9 > Your kharisma is your light. It's shining so brightly right now, in spite of all the confusion and everything else, but it is shining so brightly it is affecting energies around you – and people around you, you may have noticed. Now, you would think with kharisma they would be attracted to your light. Not so much.. But you know how it is that when the light shines so brightly, sometimes even you want to cover your eyes, wear sunglasses or find a little bit darker spot somewhere. It's like that when you're around them. You're actually, annoying (laughter). Because the light is so bright, so strong, they don't know how to take it. And when you are shining your light, your kharisma, it exposes things within them that they've been trying to hide, and there's just something – even with the magnetic impulses that are occurring as a result of your light, those magnetic impulses are annoying to humans and cars and computers, for the most part, and other devices. It's annoying, in a way, to the air around you.

< kharisma 9 > Annoying, because mass consciousness is in a type of beautiful, but dull, hypnosis – just enough energy, just enough of everything – and for the most part humans are rather content with that. Amazing. You're not, that's why you're here, but most humans are content with that – just getting through the day. And suddenly along comes this exuberant bright light – I'm not just talking about your physical energy, but I'm talking about your presence – it's annoying to them, because it's really telling them that there's something more, something they're missing out on, something that they're being so lethargic and dull. And you come along – you're not dull. No, that's the last thing. You're not dull (some chuckles). Lethargic once in a while in the body and in the mind, of course, because so many things are changing so quickly, but you come along with your kharisma? It's annoying. So get used to it, for a while anyway.