understanding of Spirit / discovery of Spirit

understanding of Spirit/God; discovery of Spirit/God;
that are made only through divne integration in Earth reality;

< Clarity 3 > Now, some of you may think that perhaps those angels on our side of the veil would have the discovery of Spirit, the understanding of Spirit. And, perhaps we might surprise you when we say, "No, but it is the humans who discover it first." Everything on our side of the veil tends to be lofty, tends to be concepts, tends to be ideas and belief systems, perhaps in a more fluid way than what you experience on Earth because you are in 3-D and we're not. But, we don't have the type of intimate understanding of Spirit that a human can have - the intimate type… meaning you are living it… and you are breathing it… and you are experiencing it… and you are playing with it.

Again, everything on our side tends to be more etheric, tends to be less defined. We, the angelic beings - no matter what level of angelic being we are at - we eventually come through the corridor, the portal of Earth for true discovery. It is the difference between being in a classroom and going out and experiencing it.

< Clarity 3 > We concept it here. We discuss it. We have a different type of perspective and different insights than so many of you do because we aren't held in such a tight energetic formation. So, we have the ability to be our own vast expanses. So, eventually, though, we have to go to Earth. We have to be intimate with it, be intimate with Spirit. We have to be intimate with ourselves. You have spent so many lifetimes learning the intimacy of self… what a beautiful concept! And, as you get so intimate with yourself that you sometimes literally drive yourself crazy - in there, in that moment of intimacy and that moment of that single breath - you discover Spirit. You know, it cannot be written about. It can only be told that you did it, this discovery, this integration of intimacy with yourself, with the God-aspect of you. No one could ever write about it because there are simply no words to define it.