don't complain about it / shut up


< Discovery 7 > Do it or don't do it, but don't complain about it. That's one of the very simple dynamics of abundance. Shut up! Truly. It's in my book – abundance book – “Shut up!” (Adamus chuckles) Stop complaining. Do it or don't do it. Stop talking about all the reasons why it's not working and why people are bad and why, you know, all your talk. Do it or don't do it. Get on with abundance or don't. And if you don't want to get on with abundance, that's fine. But don't complain about it. Don't talk to other people about it. Don't come to me about it. If you're ready for abundance, let's get on with it.

< Discovery 7 > Abundance is about receiving energies that are free, natural and yours. It's that simple. It's that simple. It's directly related to your desire to live – your choice to live, your passion to live – and they're very, very simple things. In this whole thing with the studio, the Connection Center, you put it out there; some of you would call put it out to the universe. I never understood what that meant, because the universe is kind of just a big nothing. Put it out there to the universe – put it out there to the I Am, yourself.  Step back. Let it fill your bank account, your health account, your whatever account. Just let it do it. Don't restrict it. Don't manage it. Don't stress on it. Just watch how it flows. It's that simple. That was the first session, the first lesson in the abundance thing.