destiny seed


< Clarity 9 > A Destiny Seed is a potential or a plan for your lifetime. It was not absolute or concrete but there were events in your life that, in a way, you created, and sometimes were created for you because of karma, and you called it destiny. Certain things that had to take place or unfold in your life for the next thing to unfold... certain milestones or events... certain things that would happen to you, sometimes, again, based on karma and sometimes just on plan... We call these Destiny Seeds because you planted these seeds into your lifetime of potentials. In a lifetime of potentials anything can happen but these seeds tend to take precedence and they tend to dominate.

< Clarity 9 > We get down to that layer now of Destiny Seeds. Some of you still have them there. Some of you they are dormant. Some of you have already activated them unknowingly. And we want to clear those today, because for some of you a Destiny Seed is cancer. For some of you a Destiny Seed is a fatal car accident. For some of you a Destiny Seed is the loss of something very, very important to you. For some of you it's losing your job. For some of you it's doing such a clearing in your life that you lose everything that you had built, that you had created for yourself. Some of you created a Destiny Seed of loneliness, being away from others.

< Clarity 9 > We're going to say you don't need those Destiny Seeds anymore. You can eject them, you can let them go. You can convert their energy into something more productive. You don't have to follow an old path anymore. Some of you weren't even aware that those Destiny Seeds were within you. They were just waiting for the right time and the right event and then they would become triggered.

< Clarity 9 > Some of you buried them so deeply. You told yourself, "I don't want to know about it. I don't want to find it. I don't want to discover it. I choose for this to happen, I choose for an illness to come into my life, I choose for some other event," because you felt that was important to have that. You felt that it was a trigger mechanism for yet another series of events to take place. We're going to tell you right now, you are not the same person that you were five or ten or fifty years ago. You don't need those Destiny Seeds unless you choose to have them within you.

< Clarity 9 > It is a New Energy right now. You are in a different consciousness. As spiritual physicists, as pioneers and as the creator of your Destiny Seed, we want to take this opportunity right now to deactivate them. We don't want you to be in fear here - that's why Rapha has come in - and wonder if you've gotten all of them, because if you choose to deactivate all of them they will be deactivated. If you choose to simply send those Destiny Seeds out of any reality base - out of your body and out of your mind - there are many of us today, angelic beings, who will help remove them - not with any pain of course - remove them gently and easily. You have to give us permission though. You put them there. You were the doctors. You were the creators of these Destiny Seeds, but you can give us permission to help you remove them.

< Clarity 9 > They really don't suit you any more. They might have 20 years ago. They might have when you first came into this lifetime. It might have been a perfect plan, but right now it's not. You have changed so much. We want your path from this point forward to be clear and open and free. We want you to get out of the old systems and the old networks, if you choose. We have seen from our perspective that the Destiny Seeds that you have planted - the cancers, the hardships, the difficulties, any of these things - we've seen that they could block you right now. They could make your journey more difficult and more painful.

< Clarity 9 > Destiny Seeds, for some of you, also meant you had to stay in a certain physical or geographic location. You had to stay in a certain town or country based on old karma and old families. For some of you a Destiny Seed meant you even had to stay with an old partner because of some type of contract that you had. So, if you're ready, if you're willing, let those deactivate or completely let them be clear now. Let them be clear.

< Clarity 9 > The reason for some of your strange dreams lately also has to do with these Destiny Seeds. You can feel them getting ready to be activated and therefore the dream scenarios start coming in, start presenting - how to say - a next level scenario. We're going to tell you though, you can move to the next level much quicker. You can open up and expand much, much better without those Destiny Seeds.

< Clarity 9QA > First, about these Destiny Seeds that we discussed. They were put there by you as a way of keeping you from getting trapped in your own creations. They were put there by you to assure that you would move or change the energy. It was like a type of failsafe system. It was a type of security network that you put into place to make sure that you would continue moving or evolving in this lifetime. But now... now that you have gone through so many changes, now that your entire energy has been accelerated, now that you have cleared so much from the past and now that you realize that you don't have to get trapped in your own creations... it is very appropriate to deactivate or totally release these Destiny Seeds.

< Clarity 10QA > Indeed, when the destiny seeds are released, it is like an implant. It is an implant that was put in there by yourself but it changes karma, it changes destiny, it changes the limitations that the future was holding for you. It doesn't directly change anyone else's destiny seeds, for only they can unlock those. However, when they see a human who has let those go and a human who is clear and authentic, it gives them the hope, you would say, or they can see the potential of doing it within themselves. So each time Shaumbra when you do something like this for yourself, it has an effect on everything else.